Monday, August 30, 2010

Surprise & Encouragement!

After all the upset I've felt over the last couple of days, it didn't surprise me that at 3:00 am, I was still awake.  It was then, when I decided I was not going to look at the clock, again.  Consequently, I cannot say exactly what time I went to sleep.  Today, I've been tired all day, for I didn't sleep in; I was up at my normal time.

Once I was up, I made up my mind I just was not going to have an upsetting day, today.  Well, it almost was an upsetting day, workwise, but it turned out okay in the end.

After getting my real estate work done, I worked on Facebook again, today.  Wow!  Another overwhelming time, but I think that by tonight, I had it under control.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring!

Today, I selected my lunch meal to monitor for my sugar level, even though I ate a little later than I normally do.  Prior to eating, my meter showed 9.8; not good really, but kind of normal after being upset yesterday, for stress can affect my sugar level.  After eating was when I did my stretching exercise; it usually takes me 30-40 minutes in my apartment to accomplish this.  As I've mentioned in other entries, the second part of monitoring my sugar level is retesting two (2) hours after eating.  Normally, after eating a meal, a person's sugar level should rise between 1.0 - 3.0, over what it was prior to eating the meal.  However, due to exercising just prior to retesting, my sugar level didn't rise, it actually dropped to 9.2.

It was immediately after this, when I went to do my pool exercise.  As you know, I try to avoid doing my stretching exercise and pool exercise during the heat of the day, but today, I couldn't avoid it. Wow! Was the pool busy, too! Seriously, I cannot recall the last time I saw so many people in the pool. It was actually crowded! Still, I was glad God provided for me to be able to get it all done!

After finishing my aquafit routine, I remained in the pool for a few minutes, to visit with friends, so I was in the pool for just over an hour.  I did something today, that I don't normally do.  I rechecked my sugar level, once more, just to see how I was affected by the pool exercise.  I was astonished to see my sugar level dropped to 4.8!

It's probably not that low now, for I really ate more than normal, tonight.  In fact, in addition to having some fruit, I also ate a few cookies.  Believe it or not, I rarely eat cookies.  Some people might find this hard to believe, but it's true.  I'm very fussy about cookies.  So, tonight was a rare occasion for me to eat some!

Something happened to me today, that really encouraged me.

Normally, I do not log onto Life with Lynnie (LwL) in my back office, they call a 'dashboard', until I am ready to begin writing, but this morning was different.  Upon logging in, I thought I would check and see where people who are reading LwL are located.

In the past, I could not do this, because I could only see a running tally of how many people have been on the site.  I wasn't able to know who they are, or where they live, or any information about them.

Now, things are different, since I now have access to Blogger in Draft.  This still does not allow me to know who is reading or anything about the reader, but it does allow me to see where they are located, as in what country.  This has only been available to me for about a month, but so far, I love it!

I've been able to see that the majority of people reading LwL are from Canada and USA.  However, I have also been able to see that people in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, mainland China, S. Korea, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Latvia, France, Italy, S. Africa, Kenya, Ghana and more have read LwL.  Amazing!  This doesn't mean they are daily readers, but it means that from time-to-time, people from practically all over the world have been on LwL.  Wow!  I can hardly believe it!

The biggest surprise I got today, was that I obtained another follower on LwL.  This is number 2!  Most people who read, don't actually sign up to be a follower.  Surprise, surprise!  The person actually lives right here in Essex County. 

At some point, I may clue you in to see who the person is, but for the moment, I won't.  I can tell you that he is a few years older than I and is a widower.  This gentleman said, "I blundered onto your site".  He too, is a writer; in fact, he is a published writer, whose book about his wife's life is available in Christian bookstores.  You could have knocked me over with a feather!

In addition, I had a couple of other e-mails and a Facebook message, regarding LwL.  This doesn't happen daily, but occasionally. 

I do thank everyone who reads Life with Lynnie.  For blessing me, supporting me, for lifting me up, encouraging me and letting me know that in some way, I've touched your lives, by opening up my life and my relationship with Christ.  May God bless you.

Until next time...

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