Thursday, August 12, 2010


I'm so grateful I slept well last night, even if it was from after 3:30 am.  Short, but sweet!

Today, was a busy day for me.  Loads of paperwork to do for work.  Places to go.  People to see.  Busy!  In my travels, I had to go to my office twice.  Once this afternoon and again, just around 10:00 pm.  And, there's still more paperwork to do, yet!

For some reason, I feel like I'm getting ahead of myself, here.  That's because it was a mixed up kind of day!  Even so, I managed to find time to do my exercise both in and out of the pool.  I must admit, especially in hot weather like we've had lately, it sure is refreshing to work out in the pool!

This afternoon, I met my daughter P at the repair shop, where she had her alignment done.  She was finally going to pick up her car.  I was there for moral and financial support.  When I spoke with P later, she told me she thought her car was running well, now.  Praise God!  Thank You, Jesus!

Late in the afternoon, I arrived home to do some paperwork.  My phone rang.  It was a fellow I had shown one of my listings to, last week.  In fact, it was my home I showed him and his wife.  They wanted a second look. 

About 6:00 pm, I was at the house.  They took a look, once more.  Hopefully, I will hear from them within a few days.  God willing.

Truly, I would like it sold.  Gordon didn't want it rented, so I feel I should not consider doing so.  Although, I cannot see leaving the property vacant for much longer.  If you believe in prayer, I hope you will consider praying about this, that it is God's will to provide a buyer for the property.  Thank you.  May God bless you.

This evening, I made sure I attended Bible study and prayer.  Since my church is just down the street from the house, where I met the buyers, it made it simple for me to attend.

During our study time, we talked about how fellow Christians are being persecuted, both here at home and around the world.  Of course, many of our sisters and brothers in the Lord live in places where the persecution they face is extreme.  Some pay with their lives.

Persecution happens here, right at home in North America, too.  Not quite as serious, in most cases.  Rarely, do you hear of anyone dying for the cause of Christ, here.  Still, that does not mean that persecution doesn't exist.  It does.  I experienced a minor form, last night.

As you know, I am on Facebook (FB).  Some of my long time friends are, also.  I am not referring to FB friends that I've met, recently on-line.  I am referring to flesh and blood friends.

One friend in particular, has been my friend since I began selling real estate in 1988.  We met at my office, because she also sold real estate.  Even though she is more my daughter's age, we have been friends all this time.  She no longer lives in Windsor; in fact, she no longer lives in Canada.  Still, we talk by phone, e-mail, visit when we can and generally stay in touch.  At least, until last night.

Last night, my friend commented on my wall with a rather nasty message that I've since deleted (not before saving it elsewhere).  I realize she has experienced quite a lot of stress and problems in her life, in recent years.  A mutual friend, who is no longer a friend of my friend's (confused yet?), told me my friend had some pretty serious issues and she could no longer keep in touch with her.  At the time when I was told this, I thought there may be some other issues in play, but made sure I prayed for both people.

Anyway, the remark on my wall was a complaint about my Christian postings.  She was angry that she has to read them, see them and notified me that she was no longer going to be my friend on FB.  She claimed that, "I have my own beliefs have been raised and taught by a former Nun with a degree in theology ...and i don't feel the need to convince my that God exists by pushing it on everyone else. I believe in respect for all other faiths...".

This nearly blew me away.  After more than 22 years of friendship, with her knowing I am a born-again Christian, who worships at the same Bible-believing, Bible-preaching church as one of her cousins and knows that I believe that we are to preach the gospel to all the creatures of the world, it was shocking to read this.  Especially, when I read some rather personal attacks on me personally, in addition to the remark noted above.

At first, I was rather hurt and deleted her comment (not before saving it, elsewhere).  Then, I prayed about this.  As I mentioned earlier, my friend's life has been complicated and painful.  Sort of like mine.  Different, but the end result has been quite similar.  I came to the conclusion that the only thing I can do is pray for her.

It's funny.  Some of the people I know and love have experienced some terrible trials.  Of the ones I am thinking of, they are either currently on medications to help them through their trials, or have been during the worst times.  I am an exception, for I have not elected to take medications to help me through trials in my life.

So, what's the difference between them and me?  Jesus.  Each one of the people I am referring to in the above-noted statement, either refuse to even think about God, or are angry at Him and refuse to trust in Jesus.  With the exception of my friend in question, who made the comment last night.

As you read, she is from a family who is Catholic.  Before her Mom met her Dad, her Mom had been a nun.  For some reason, my friend seems to think that she doesn't need to have a personal relationship with Jesus and that because of her Mom's religious education, she will be well received herself, into heaven when her time comes.

The shocking part for me, was her anger.  Never before has anything like this ever happened.  Why she would take personally my generic postings, aimed at supporting others who have posted these items, in the hope of supporting others and leading some to Christ, if it is God's will, and/or educating fellow Christians, I will never know.  Especially, when you consider that she's accepted me and my friendship for all these years, knowing that I love Jesus and constantly tell others about Him. 

So what's changed?  I have no idea.  I'm not sure now, that I'll ever know.

All I can say is...friend, I forgive you, still love you and will pray for you.  May God bless you, now and always.

Until next time...

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