Friday, August 13, 2010

Good Girl?

This has gotten to be a bad habit, being up half the night, or later.  It was after 3:30 am, when I got so fed up with myself that I decided I wasn't going to look at the clock, again.  At least I got a few short hours of sleep!

Knowing this was to be once again a busy day for me, I made sure I was up around my usual time and didn't sleep in.  I wanted to do the work I needed to do, early; before anything personal happened along the way.  Success!

Looking out onto my balcony, I decided it was time to swab the deck.  This may sound trivial to you, but it's a big deal to me.  You see, there was a time, not so long ago, when I would have had great problems doing this.  In fact, if I accomplished such a feat, I would have to spend the rest of the day in bed.  I thank God for my Chiropractor! 

Yes, I thank God for Dr. G!  What would I ever do now, without him?  What I mean is, if he hadn't come into my life.

Actually, when I met Dr. G., it was because my daughter B had been hurt and a friend recommended him to her.  Knowing that in Brampton, before the bus collision, I had been treated for migraine headaches and ultimately for a sprained ankle problem, by Dr. S, who was an excellent Chiropractor, I knew I wanted to meet Dr. G.  For my daughter's sake, and for mine.  I was so impressed, that even though WCB/WSIB had told me years earlier that they didn't allow/permit Chiropractic care, I decided to see if Dr. G. could help me.

It has been a long and painful process, but if I hadn't met Dr. G., I'd still be in the deplorable physical condition that I was in, when I first began treatment.  As you've probably heard me say previously, I may never be healed (that's up to God!), but I am totally grateful with the amount of healing, relief from pain and ability to do more, that I have received to date.  May God bless you Dr. G.!  You have been a true blessing to me.

So, in addition to cleaning my balcony, I did my stretching exercise and my pool exercise!  All, before going to Dr. G.'s office for my treatment, today.

While I am supposed to just rest for about 24 hours after my treatment, I sort of disobeyed that 'rule', by picking up a few groceries on my way home.  However, I've been a good girl, since.  Except that I splurged and ate some sugary, tasty treat for dessert.  I know, especially since I am diabetic, that I shouldn't do this.  But, hey...we all have to splurge, sometime!  I'll try to be a good girl again, tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

Until next time...

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