Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gals Day Luncheon

It was another one of those short nights.  Once again, I awoke about an hour before my alarm was due to wake me.  It wouldn't be a bad thing, had I had a full night's sleep, but last night was one of those nights when I got to bed rather late.  Not because I couldn't sleep, but rather because I was preparing for today's luncheon.

If you've been reading, you'll know that I actually began preparing on Sunday, when I did the shopping to prepare for today's luncheon. 

Originally, it was planned for nine (9) people, including me.  However, one friend called to let me know she couldn't make it after all.  Plus, my friend A, who was going to bring her Mom, couldn't.  Why?  Because her Mom flew home to Jamaica, this morning.  When she let me know she would attend, it was thought that she may change her ticket, but in the end, she didn't.  Around the time when we were enjoying time together, A's Mom was arriving in Jamaica.  It was a sad day for A, to say the least.  May God lift you and your Mom up, encourage you and give you peace.

In addition to A, there was K, my friend from across the hall.  Then, there was W and F, who both worship with me at my church.  Friends K and A, both worship at Harrow Baptist Church.  So, including me, we were a total of seven (7), today.

The reason I didn't get to sleep early last night, was because I began preparing food for today's luncheon.  When I got up this morning, I thought I had a lot of time to complete preparations and set up, but as is sometimes the case, I found out that Murphy is alive and well.

I called my neighbour/friend K, to let her know I would be taking my coolers down to the cabana/bbq area to set up for our meal after our swim.  K let me know that the cabana was being worked on.  I cannot see it from my apartment, because my view is East and overlooks the lighthouse, while hers faces West and overlooks the pool/bbq deck.  K suggested I go take a look.  To my dismay, unknown to either of us, part of the cabana was being dismantled.  NO!!  Not today! 

When I called the office, our president elect answered the phone, because our manager was busy.  She confirmed that it was being rebuilt and resurfaced to blend in with the decor of the other amenities on the deck.  Great!  She suggested we could sit at a couple of benches as an alternative, but the Lord put this on my mind:  since the weather was not as warm as was previously forecast, I asked if it would be okay for us to use the party room, which can be accessed on the same level as the pool and bbq.  I was given approval, so I quickly went to get the key for the unit.  Phew!  Thank You, Lord!  Once again, You came to my rescue!

Once we all gathered, we got into our swimsuits and headed off to the pool.  It is a heated pool, so even if the air is slightly cooler than what we like it to be, it is easy to enter.  We had a great time chatting, making use of the pool.  Everyone was using a noodle to help them float and move around the pool.  Everyone but me.  I don't use them.  Some of the women who had not been in the pool with me before, were shocked that I float, even in the deep end, without treading water or making any movements to assist me.  I just float.  I figure some might say it is all that hot air I have in me!

Of course, getting out of the pool, when the breeze is cool is not a pleasure!  lol  We all managed to get dried off quickly, before heading into the party room, for lunch.

We feasted on potato salad, pasta salad, green salad, various veggies, tomatoes, cheeses and BBQ'd steak.  For dessert, we enjoyed yogurt and fresh fruit.  Hopefully, all enjoyed the meal as much as I did.

A & F had to leave immediately after the meal.  F had driven A.  A had to get home to meet up with her husband K, so they could go over to Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, USA.  One of K's previous co-workers, a retired woman he had been close to like a mother/son relationship, had a daughter who had been killed by her spouse.  They needed to go to the funeral home.  What a sad day it had been for A.  Her Mom leaving.  Attending a funeral home for someone who was murdered by a spouse.  Actually, I just hung up from speaking with A.  She told me that our gals day luncheon was a perfect relief, for her very stressful day.  Praise God!

My neighbour/friend K took off, for she had to meet with her sister.  However, W, A & K stayed with me until about 5:00 pm, in the party room.  We enjoyed conversations about travelling, especially to Ireland, for A had been there, also.  But, no one was left out.  In addition to speaking of travelling, we spoke of many things together, including the Lord.

I've included a photo of my six (6) friends who shared our gals day luncheon.  In the back row (left to right):  W, (neighbour/friend) K, A & K.  In the front row (left to right):  F & A.

I'm grateful.  God has blessed me with good Christian friends.  Praise God!  Thank You, Jesus!

Until next time...

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