Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Freedom! Wheels!

It would be nice if the improvement I spoke of in yesterday's entry, would maintain itself, but I cannot say this.  Last night, I just could not sleep, no matter how I tried.  In fact, being still unable to sleep, I got up from my bed about 4:00 am.  I was on Facebook shortly after.  Eventually, I began to feel tired enough that I though I might be able to sleep, so I went back to bed.  It was after 6:00 am.  I had just over 3 hours sleep and found myself up for the day.  Yikes!  I'm tired, once more!

Today, I did my stretching exercise in my apartment, plus I exercised in the pool.  I've always tried to work out in a pool, but was not always able to do as much exercise or as intense a workout as I've been able to do, since last year. 

Yes!  I am so very thankful for my Chiropractor, who's computerized equipment last year, helped me gain more freedom of movement, for without his help, I would not be able to do what I've been doing!  I may never be 100% healed, but I am grateful for the freedom of movement I've received thus far, through treatment.  I must admit, I am feeling stronger.  This is a true blessing to me!  May God bless Dr. G, now and always.

If you've read my recent entries, you'll know that my daughter had a problem with her car, just before the weekend.  As she was driving, with her youngest son who has a heart problem, something happened to her car that might have meant disaster, but God protected them.  Both in the car, as well as for my grandson whose heart problem did not become active and deadly, during this stressful incident. 

Praise God, they weren't hit by other vehicles, nor did they hit anyone/anything, nor cause property damage anywhere, when the driver's front wheel came off the vehicle.  Including other damage, a broken axle resulted.  Again, I thank You Lord, for protecting them!  And, for loving them!

Anyway, being ill herself and having three (3) sons to care for and a sick boyfriend who needed assistance and transportation to hospital twice daily for intravenous antibiotic treatments for some kind of leg infection, P needed a vehicle and the dealership didn't have a loaner vehicle to lend her, so she used my vehicle over the weekend.  Today changed this, because her vehicle was ready for pick up!

At least, I hope it's a good thing.  Sorry; maybe it's because the best vehicles I've owned were of the big three (3):  GM, Chrysler and Ford, but I am not all that happy with the fact that P's car is a foreign make.  Even after speaking with the service manager, I realize that the quality of the vehicle is not what I would call 'good'.

P didn't choose the vehicle.  Her Dad bought it for her, from his sister.  They live in the Brampton and Caledon areas.  Many people in their neck of the woods seem to prefer foreign cars.  It's unfortunate, in my opinion.  Some of the worst cars I owned were foreign!

One lemon I owned was a British car.  I can recall telling my Dad about the problem of the gear shift coming out of the gear box while I was driving on the Queen Elizabeth Way, heading to Toronto to work; later, it happened more frequently.  Whenever this happened, I found if I just replaced it into where it belonged, I could carefully continue driving. 

My Dad had a similar vehicle as mine and insisted this couldn't happen.  Well, I loaned him the car, letting him know I no longer felt safe driving it.  He came home as white as a ghost, because the gearshift came out of the gearbox and he held it in his hand!  Phew!  At the time, I was horrified that it happened to him, but at the same time, I was glad, for someone finally believed me. 

This same vehicle was in for repair almost weekly.  It was built without a gas filter.  I won't go into detail, but it's enough to say I regretted buying the car from my brother!

In addition, I've had other foreign vehicles.  In my opinion, they were not as good as my Big Three vehicles have been.

Today's repair bill was close to a thousand dollars.  This is not the first repair I've paid for and she's only owned this vehicle for just over a year.  I wish it was a more reliable car.  Today, P's Dad and I shared the cost of the repair, knowing P could not afford it.  Now, I just hope the car is safer than it previously was.  For sure I'll be praying for her!

The best part of P getting her car back, is the fact that I got mine back, too!  Praise God!  Thank You, Jesus!

Until next time...

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