Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wearing Off?

This morning, I felt like I wanted to sleep in a little longer. After all, I was up rather early, considering I am still not feeling the best. While I'm not feeling as badly as I was, I am still finding that I am tired all the time.

Still, I was up and out early, today. It's Thursday, so I arrived at the Ladies' support meeting, just after 9:00 am. I promised myself and a friend that I would attend for a few weeks, to give it a real chance to see if these meetings will help me. I feel like I need to come to terms with not just losing Gordon, but also about everything I went through with him. This was my third (3rd) meeting (I missed last week's meeting, due to being sick). If I don't feel better soon about attending, I will stop going.

How these meetings could help anyone, is beyond me. Okay, some people may tell me that I need to keep going. However, my personal opinion is that if this programme worked well, there wouldn't be women attending that have been with the programme for 26+ years!

Due to a luncheon being held out in Kingsville area, the meeting ended early. I used the time to go shopping at Joseph's Fruit Market. Then, I dropped by to see my youngest daughter P, for a few minutes.

While at P's, my grandson A came running up to me. It's always great seeing A! He's my eldest daughter B's fourth (4th) son, who sometimes visits with someone on P's street. Today was one of those days. We hugged and kissed each other and chatted for a while. A assured me he passed with mainly B's and a few C's; he'll be going into grade 3, in September. So, I did what any good grandma would do: I gave him a monetary gift for passing! :-)) How time flies! It's hard to believe how much A has grown. Time waits for no one!

Arriving home, I was exhausted, but didn't have a nap. Today's heat was oppressive. My van registered 98F/37C. However, a Facebook friend who works for CKLW800AM Radio, said with the humidex, it was equivalent to 108F! Believe me, it felt like it, too!

My friend J, who was new to Windsor last September, called me. She invited me to join her for supper. We met at Lumberjack Restaurant at Tecumseh Rd. & Howard Ave. While I thought we were dining Dutch treat, J decided to pay the whole bill, herself. Thank you, J! I never expected you to do this, but it truly was a nice treat and a blessing to me, today. Next time, it will be my treat!

I'm not sure which was better...supper or our fellowship time! We caught up on recent events and just had a plain good old time, together. We had some excitement, too. Our table was beside the indoor BBQ grill pit. Yes, it is complete with exhaust system. However, at one point, the chef left his work area and disappeared out of our sight. Not a problem, really. Except when the flames grew larger and larger until the whole pit was aflame, appearing to be out of control!

Other nearby patrons began to call loudly for assistance; we joined in. Actually, poor J said the heat seemed to sharply rise and she was truly nervous the place was on fire. Poor J. This flaming exhibit really didn't bother me a bit. I stayed calm. But then, lately I really haven't gotten upset or excited about much. Most people found it was a relief when the chef returned and quickly extinguished the overactive flames!

Actually, I was in a burning building once, many years ago. It would have been about 1973 and I was working afternoon shift in a box factory, in Brampton. Surprised?! I was, for I really wasn't cut out for factory work. However, this is another story, for another day.

I will say that in the factory fire, I stayed calm, also. If I hadn't, I probably wouldn't have gotten out of the building. From the time the fire was noticed in the nearby paper baler, it only took minutes for flames and smoke to envelop the whole area.

Our supervisor commanded us to not leave the area, but to man the nearby hoses to try and put out the fire. What a joke! Once the water was turned on, the hoses leaked so much, there was hardly any water to put out the fire.

When the smoke got so thick we could no longer see, we avoided our orders and began to leave the building. Fire exits were locked. So, how did we get out? We had to climb up over eight (8) foot high skids of corregated board boxes, that were waiting to be shipped out. It took several days for my lungs to clear from coughing up soot.

So, this small flame fire that appeared out of control never fazed me. Of course, it might be because I've been just feeling overwhelmed again. I think the shock of losing my brother is beginning to wear off.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day. For me and for you.

Until next time...

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