Friday, July 16, 2010

Two, Not One!

Today, I awoke on my own once again. No alarm was set. Wow! I could get used to this. The problem is that as I feel improvement in my health, I know that I must at some point get back to working! It almost feels like a catch-22 situation. Sick=relaxation vs healthy=work. Hmmmm...if I was just a little older, I could say: perfection=retirement!

The days have certainly been hot, lately. It's late in the evening at the moment, but the temperature is still 81F. The forecast calls for 74F through the night. Yes! I am so-o very thankful that the nights have been tolerable, even comfortable, because I like to have my window open, rather than have the air-conditioning on. Thank You, Lord!

With the weather being really super-heated, I've been missing being in the pool. Even if it is only to exercise. I really don't relax much or often in the pool, for I use it mostly for exercise. When it's hot, like it's been lately, it is always a welcome relief. But, since I've been sick, I haven't gone to the pool.

Today, changed this! I went to the pool today, for the first time in a couple of weeks. It was wonderful, relaxing, comfortable and a true blessing to me, today. Thank You, Father, for healing me enough that I could once again be blessed by working out! Of course, now I am exhausted. Oh well, I should probably sleep well, tonight!

Since I'm feeling really improved, I'm going to go out to see some friends, tomorrow. Lately, I've been feeling rather cooped up, longing to get back into a more normal routine.

Another blessing is that I'm sure I'll be able to sing Tuesday, for M's wedding. She and P are getting married on that date, because it is the anniversary of the day they met. How romantic!

This morning, I had a phone call from the gentleman that is in charge of our 'bicycle room'; he called me to ask if I was going to give up one or both bicycle spaces in the storage room. After some discussion, I decided to not make any snap decisions, so both bikes will remain stored there, at least for the next few months.

You might wonder why this is important to me. Well, just before my brother died and just when I began to feel really ill, this same gentleman called me asking the same question. To say I was shocked, would be an understatement. You see, I knew that my bike was stored in the room and I knew we had a second space, but I had no idea Gordon had a bike stored there.

His older bike was stolen when he was out, one day. Many times, we discussed getting him another bike, but never did we do this. At least, not that I was aware of. Obviously, at some point, Gordon must have bought a bike and stored it in the room. The question I have is: Why didn't he tell me?

This question will now never be answered, since he's dead. But, I have an idea that since his health was deteriorating and since he wasn't all that comfortable driving anymore, he must have decided to do this. How? When? Is it new? Used?

I haven't even seen this bicycle, yet. Being ill, when I first found out, wasn't great. My head was spinning enough, without this shock! My first question to the gentleman caller, was: Are you sure it is ours? His reply was that there are two (2) bicycle chain-locks that are locking these two bicycles, together. It's obviously a bike Gordon bought.

Once I get up the courage to go see this bicycle, I will be faced with the dilemma of what to do with it. The same with my bike, as well. You see, I cannot ride my bicycle. With my health concerns, I am able to ride a stationary bike, but when my body has had enough, it's had enough and I cannot go further. My fear of riding on the street, is that my body will say it's had enough and I won't be able to get home!

This is why I am so-o very shocked about this news of having another bike. Gordon and I discussed the idea of buying electric bikes. The kind that look like a regular bike, but have electric assist. We thought this idea was a good one, because if we were riding and I couldn't go further, the electric assist would help me get home. However, no decisions had been made.

Well, I suppose time will tell. All I have to do, is as I said, get up the courage to go and see for myself.

Until next time...

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