Thursday, July 8, 2010


Today, I feel greatly improved. Yes, I am still coughing, but as of last evening, my voice was more normal. Headache is gone, for the most part. Sinus still iffy, but generally, much better. Praise God! Thank You, Jesus!

It may seem strange for someone to hear me say that, but if you only knew how many times I would get sick like this in the past, and have it last for weeks and weeks and weeks! Ahh... I thank God for supplying me with great vitamins and other non-prescription products that helped me get over this, quickly. But, especially for all the prayer that happened for me. I feel so very blessed, for not only did I have friends pray for me, but also even Facebook (FB) friends and FB Christian groups. Prayer works! I thank each of you, who have prayed for me. May God bless you, richly.

No, I am not completely healed. I wouldn't want to sing, at the moment, for I am still wheezing from time to time and still have congestion. However, I am especially grateful to feel better now, for there were some things I needed to do to prepare for Glenn's funeral on Saturday. Since I was feeling improved, today was the day.

While talking with my co-worker/realtor partner C, about an offer he was handling for a client of ours, I mentioned I had to go out and do some errands. C and I decided to meet for lunch at Pat & Hanks, in Tecumseh (my treat!). Their fish & chips were yummy in my tummy! Especially since this was the first meal I had eaten in almost a week. Honestly! No matter how much I enjoy various forms of chicken soup, after eating it for several days, I was rather tired of it. In fact, I would go so far as to say that I just couldn't bring myself to have one more bowl of it, at the moment!

After discussing our work and enjoying our meal, I went about doing the errands I needed to do to prepare for Glenn's funeral. It is truly such a sad experience. Heartbreaking, in some ways. To make myself feel better, I keep reminding myself that his quality of life, here on earth, was virtually non-existant.

Later in the day, I did a couple of errands, while on my way to my Chiropractor's office. During my treatment, Dr. Gemel assured me that I had done the right thing by not exercising at all this week. Neither indoor exercise, nor pool exercise would have help me, for I had been feeling so ill and exhausted. Dr. G reassured me that it was best that I just allowed my body to rest and heal itself. While I still feel a bit guilty, I know in my heart that I did the right thing, by resting.

Afterwards, I met my daughter P and her boyfriend K, over at my house. No, it still hasn't sold. I guess I'll have to reduce the price.

K removed the seats and bench from my van. P will drive it to Kitchener, on Saturday for Glenn's funeral. She will be taking home with her, a cabinet and dresser. I know Glenn would be happy knowing this, for he always loved her, worried about her and cared for her, greatly.

This wasn't my original idea. I was supposed to drive to Kitchener, with my own vehicle. After Glenn's funeral, I had hoped to stay up in that neck of the woods for a few days, but it didn't work out that way.

P's car was fine when she travelled to Kitchener last Sunday, but hasn't been running that well, since. At first, she told me she might not be able to go back to Kitchener to Glenn's funeral. This was upsetting to her and to me.

My friend J wants to attend Glenn's funeral. They had met each other, in the past. In fact, together we celebrated my birthday, along with Glenn's friend M, at Glenn's apartment, in 2008.

J originally asked me to drive with her, but I let her know I couldn't do this if I planned to stay away for a few days; so, I planned to drive there, alone. However, once I realized that P needed an alternative plan, I asked J if I could take her up on her kind offer and travel with her. This way, P and K will be able to use my van. J will be picking me up early Saturday morning. Thank you, J. You are such a great friend to me! May God bless you, always.

So, after all was completed today, I traded vehicles with P. My van is at her home; I have her car.

Since we'll be travelling together, if there is time on our way home, J and I may stop and pick up Gordon's friend B, who lives in St. Thomas, and go for a meal or coffee.

Without letting either of us know, B had surgery to have his hip replaced, about three (3) weeks ago, in London. We knew he was supposed to have the surgery in the fall, but a cancellation provided for an earlier surgery.

B claimed he didn't have time to notify us, but I believe the real reason was because he didn't want us to see him immediately after surgery, when he wouldn't have been independent. Besides, he knew we would have smothered him with kindness, to make him comfy at home. Oh well, to each their own! I'm just glad he came through the surgery, well.

Once in a while B calls, to see how I am. Gordon and he were very good friends. B likes J, but since he's not saved, J feels she cannot even consider a relationship with him. Who knows. Nothing is impossible for God! Time will tell.

After wearing myself out today, I plan to just rest and relax tomorrow. Hopefully, I will feel the best I can for Saturday. It will be a big day.

Until next time...

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