Friday, July 30, 2010

In A Nutshell...

After reading my Bible, my lamp was turned off just a few minutes after 1:00 am.  It's getting earlier!  Sleep came, shortly after.  Even with waking up twice in the night and having trouble returning to my sleep each time, I still felt like I had more than enough sleep.  Thank You, Lord!

The real estate work that was put off yesterday, was supposed to be on my schedule for today.  However, it won't be; not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

My friend/co-worker/Realtor partner C and I have been disagreeing on how to handle the special circumstances of this situation we have been working on.  Last evening I made a decision on what to do about this.

Knowing that along with other people, we have been friends for years, and knowing I do not want to damage the working relationship and friendship we have, I decided to back out of the working arrangement we have, concerning this project.

This morning, we discussed the situation.  I reconfirmed to C that I would prefer to not be party to questionable situation.  No, there's nothing illegal going on; I wouldn't be party to that, ever.  In fact, I've been called a straight arrow by many, claiming it is a fault.  Call it what you will, when the government speaks, I follow.  This is simply a matter of not agreeing on how and what paperwork needs to be addressed.  Nothing major to some, but important to me.  While he thinks I am being picky, I believe I am not; just following proper protocol and government guidelines.

C will still benefit from all the work and experience of my commercial background, for I will supply him everything in my file, for him to use.  Even though he hasn't any commercial experience, he should do fine with my file.  Besides, he can always call me for help.  He's not angry; neither am I.  Personally, I'm glad this happened, even if it does mean that I have eliminated a future paycheque for myself.

Tomorrow, on my way to the cemetary, I will drop off a copy of my file to C and will wish him the best of luck.

This left some time today to update on Facebook (FB), make some phone calls and do other things that I needed to do.  At lunchtime, I went to the pool and accomplished my pool exercise.'s always a relief to accomplish something!

I may take a short nap this afternoon.  I'm not sure if I will sleep, but I am feeling like I need to relax and not feel so stressed out.

My friend J will be picking me up later.  She'll be bringing with her some frozen yogurt; I'm bringing one of my soft-sided coolers to keep it chilled.  We'll stop at our favourite pizza place, pick up two (2) pizzas and make our way to M & D's home.

Originally, J wanted to get together for pizza and salad, tonight.  At first, I said I would; later, I cancelled out, letting J know that I was feeling rather stressed over Gordon's birthday being tomorrow and felt I would be better at home, tonight.  This grief thing is horrible; I pray it will end, soon.

Then, my friend M called and e-mailed me, insisting I need to spend the evening with her and her husband, D; once again, the idea of pizza and salad for dinner came up.  She, being a re-married widow herself, insisted that staying home was not the right option and wouldn't take no for an answer. 

Since J knows M & D, we all agreed to make it a foursome.  We did this early in the year.  At first, I wasn't all that comfortable, for our foursomes used to be with Gordon and not J.  However, in the end, we did have a good time, together.  Even though I am feeling stressed, I am looking forward to the four of us being together.  So, I am not sad about our foursome, I am only sad that Gordon won't be with us.

Please don't think I am not grateful for my friends, for I am very grateful for them.  God brought them into my life and me into theirs, for whatever reasons.  While there are times when I am a support to them, it is now that they are being a support to me.  Even though my heart is breaking, I recognize they are trying to show me love, care and support.  Thank you, to each of you.  I'm blessed and I know it.  May God bless you, now and always.

So, there you have it!  My day and plans all in one nutshell.  And, today's entry posted quite a bit earlier than normal.

Now, if God will just give me the grace to get through tonight without bawling and making a fool of myself, I'll be grateful.

Until next time...

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