Sunday, July 4, 2010

Final Look...

Before I forget, I would like to wish all my American friends and family a very happy July 4th, Independence Day!

As I will be travelling to Kitchener today, to view my brother Glenn for the last time, I decided to begin this entry early. Upon returning, I will complete the entry.

As of this moment, I am waiting for clarification as to whether 0, 1 or 2 daughters will accompany me on this 3 1/2 - 4 (each way) hour driving trip. Since I am not feeling well, I am not sure if anyone should travel with me. Well, time will tell.

I'll be back, later. Please pray for travelling mercies and healing for me. Thank you. May God bless you, richly.

Thank you for your prayer; God provided travelling mercies for both me and for my daughter P.

About noon, I received a call from my eldest daughter B. She let me know she would not be attending the only viewing of her uncle, my brother Glenn. Truthfully, she was right in her logic; it was just too far to drive with a seven (7) week old baby she's nursing.

Shortly after, I heard from my youngest daughter, P. Due to a crisis at her home, she was not able to leave as early as I needed to leave, so she said she would drive herself and her boyfriend K, to Kitchener to meet me and the rest of our family.

So, as sick as I was, I got into my vehicle and headed up to Kitchener. Three and a half (3 1/2) hours later, I arrived at my brother Glenn's apartment. My older brother B and his girlfriend P were there, along with my younger sister, S.

B opened up the storage room so I could get the scooter out from storage. It was shocking to me to see there was no scooter!

Gordon and I had bought Glenn a scooter a few years ago, for him to use for mobility, because at the time, the government would not issue him a motorized wheelchair, because he had hoped to walk again, using artificial limbs. However, Glenn's friend M loaned him a motorized wheelchair to use, because something went wrong with the scooter.

We brought the scooter back to Windsor, Gordon fixed it and we purchased new batteries for it. Gordon tested it out; it worked fine. We returned it to Glenn, in case he needed it, because the loaner chair he was using, needed a repair. Gordon and I paid for the chair repair, because the government would not cover the cost, due to the chair not being government issued.

The last time I visited Glenn, the scooter was there. Today, it was gone. Only God knows what happened to it. May God bless whoever removed it from the storage room.

P & K arrived. Shortly after, we all drove over to the funeral home.

Even though Glenn wasn't permitted to have open visitation, there was quite a crowd to view Glenn for closure. There was my brother B & his girlfriend P, plus his ex-wife A and their daughter S. Glenn's best friend Z and his wife W were there, as was B's friend M & her boyfriend L. My sister S and I, plus P & K completed the group.

I was so happy Z was able to come, even though he really couldn't see Glenn. Unfortunately, Z is also diabetic, on dialysis, has lost total vision in his left eye and can only see minor shadows with his right eye. Due to his limitations, his loving wife W transports him everywhere and often has to wheel him in a chair, like today. My heart breaks for Z, for he and Glenn had been as close as brothers for many years. I know Z misses Glenn, very much.

In addition, I was happy to see my niece S came with her Mom. Even though S and my daughter P are cousins, it had been years since they saw each other. I was glad they got to reunite.

It's funny, but Gordon used to say that S looked more like me, than me! This might sound weird, but she looks exactly like I did when I was young, before the collision and subsequent surgeries to rebuild my jaw/face. So, while I no longer look like me, S does!

Since they were busy elsewhere, the funeral home staff allowed us to stay well past the five (5) minutes we had been told we could have with Glenn. In fact, we were there about an hour.

Glenn is being buried wearing his Clarkson Algonquins Hockey Jacket. In addition, my sister and brother added for Glenn to be buried with, a mini hockey stick, some cigarettes and one of those foam finger pointers that fans sometimes use. I added nothing, for I know this is truly not my brother in the casket, but only his body, for he is in heaven. After all, for a believer, to be absent from the body is to be with the Lord.

However, I did give to the funeral home a copy of the eulogy I wrote that I plan to read at Glenn's graveside service, this coming Saturday. The wanted a copy, so they could make sure that no Bible verses used by me would be duplicated by the representative heading up the buriel ceremony. I plan to reproduce the eulogy I wrote, for this blog, as an entry on Saturday, after Glenn's buriel.

Driving there and home again, was brutal. I couldn't stand the air-conditioning on, yet it was too hot with it off. Cough, cough, cough. Fever didn't help. I just plainly felt sick, all day.

Arriving back in Windsor, I stopped at a drugstore to get some cough syrup. I thought I chose the right one for my needs and had a fleeting thought, to verify this with the druggest. She told me it was the right one, as long as I wasn't diabetic. I am diabetic, but was confused and asked why it wasn't right for me, since it didn't contain sugar. I was told that anyone having diabetes or high bloodpressure should never have any sinus medication, as it could cause the blood sugar level and blood pressure to drastically rise.

Never before had I been told this. I had been taking something for sinus; now, I won't take it. Hopefully, I won't need anything for my sinus, because as you know, one complication I have of the Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS), an arthritis in the Rheumatoid family, is Iritis. Sinus problems can sometimes and in the past actually has brought on inflammation flareups in my eye; when inflammation rises very high, it brings on Glaucoma. Lord, thank you for helping me with all my physical ailments. At least this stop proved to be educational for me.

I just took some of the cough syrup the pharmacist recommended. Hopefully, I will get some sleep, tonight. Even though I was exhausted last night, I coughed the night away. Hopefully, I will sleep like a baby, tonight!

Until next time...

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