Monday, July 5, 2010

Calls of Support...

If you read yesterday's entry, you'll know that I went to Kitchener and home again, in one day. Sick, as I was. God was obviously with me, for I recall thinking that if it was His will to take me home, at least I knew where I was going! After all, that trip is bad enough when you're healthy, never mind when you're not.

It was actually early this morning, because it was well after midnight when I finally parked my vehicle and entered my home. I showered and took my cough syrup, asprin and climbed into bed. My daughter P, called to let me know she arrived home, safely. Praise God! Thank You, Jesus!

Taking extra vitamins and asprin, I hoped to sleep, but didn't know for sure if I would be able to, for I could not stop coughing. So, I piled up pillows and reclined in bed. It was shocking to me, but I actually slept. I know that rest could only have come from You Lord, for I couldn't stop coughing, yet I was able to drift off to sleep. Again, thank You, Lord!

This morning, I was up early, for once I began coughing again, I just couldn't stop. No, I didn't do any work, except return calls that I couldn't avoid. So, today was a rest day for me.

My neighbour/friend K called me, this morning. She wondered if she could help me in any way. While I was happy she offered, I let her know there was nothing she could really do for me and thanked her for offering. God bless her heart!

I surprised myself, by actually resting and dozing off and on throughout the day! How unusual for me! Oh well, I must have needed the rest. Hopefully, it will help heal me.

My poor body is hurting badly. I feel like I've been punched so many times in my rib cage, that it's hard to breathe. No, no one hit me, it's just from coughing so much and so deeply that I've probably pulled muscles. Oh well, this too shall pass.

Late this afternoon, my friend J called me, letting me know she read last night's entry. She offered to bring me some food or chicken soup, but I declined her kind offer, for I didn't really feel well enough to even want to open my door. May God bless her, for wanting to be a blessing to me, today.

In addition, I had a phone call from Ireland, from a cousin who wanted to give condolences with regards to my brother's death. It's always nice to hear from my Irish family, but under the circumstances, our conversation wasn't very lively, today.

Off and on, I was on Facebook. They are once again changing it. Oh well, nothing ever stays the same, does it? A few times people chatted me up, but I quickly ended the conversation, because I really didn't feel up to snuff.

However, I did try to take care of myself, today. I drank lots of fluids. And, once again made Lipton's Chicken Noodle Soup (LCNS). While I enjoy that soup, I usually only have it when I'm sick. It seems to help me, for some reason. Maybe it's the salt or maybe it's truly just what they claim about chicken broth, that it has healing properties, but I do feel improved, tonight.

Of course, I am getting a little tired of it, for that's what I ate, yesterday. In fact, before I left to drive to Kitchener, I made some LCNS, ate some and put more into two (2) insulated coffee mugs/lids and took them with me. When my family was enjoying Swiss Chalet meals, I didn't join in, for I just could not bring myself to eat regular food.

Still, I was glad God had given me the insight to do this, for never before had I done it. It actually worked out well, for me. Thank You, Lord!

B, a friend of both Gordon's and mine, called tonight. He calls periodically, to see how I am. Tonight, his call was to tell me he was sorry to hear of my brother's death. We spoke about Glenn and we spoke about Gordon.

We spoke about how hard life truly is. About the shock of losing my brother, Glenn. About how I have been praying God will leave me in this state of shock and not allow me to fall apart, until after the funeral, for I want to be able to read the Eulogy I wrote, giving a gospel message. This is especially important to me, because there will not be a minister to officiate at the grave site.

We spoke about the sorrow of losing Gordon. I truly miss him, even more so at the moment, because I am not well. He used to take care of me, when I wasn't well.

B assured me that Gordon truly loved me. He just struggled with his life issues, including his health problems and other things. It actually gave me a lift, hearing B speak these words, for I truly miss Gordon, more than I can ever explain to anyone...

God blessed both Gordon and I when he brought B into our lives. He's a caring, understanding Christian, who has also had a lifetime of woes. He's a great friend; I'm glad he called. Thank you, B. May God bless you, also.

Unfortunately, I can do nothing but apologize to everyone who spoke with me, today. I apologize for coughing in your ear, repeatedly! If I could have avoided it, I would have. Hopefully, you forgive me!

Well, since I'm not feeling well, I'll say, "Goodnight". May God bless you for being supportive of me and reading my blog entries. What would I do without the love and support of my friends? Let's face it, I'm blessed!

Until next time...

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