Monday, June 28, 2010

International Day: Mexican Town & Morocco

This morning, I was tired. No, I wasn't up half the night, but I didn't sleep well. Kept waking up, tossing and turning, all night. Hmmm...that reminds me of a song!

Since I didn't have to go out of my home today to work, getting my work done from home, was easy. How grateful I am for my computer, fax, copier, etc. What a great era this is to work! Twenty-two+ (22+) years ago, this really wasn't possible, for we did not even have on-line access to MLS info. We had to travel to and work in the office, daily. All my work was done, manually. Father, thank you for making my job easier!

About 3:30 pm, my friend J arrived. She, my neighbour/friend K and I drove to my church, where we met my co-worker/friend C. Together, we crossed the Ambassador Bridge and entered Detroit, MI, USA. Our destination? Mexican Town Restaurant!

The four (4) of us enjoyed our time together, laughing, joking and of course dining on sumptuous meals. Since I am the only person out of the four (4) of us that likes hot foods, I especially enjoyed the jalapeno peppers that garnished my meal! It was the first time J had been to Mexican Town, in many years. Hopefully, it won't take her as long to return!

On our return trip to Windsor, we talked about going to C's home for dessert. We did not do this. K is looking for a new vehicle and had spoken with a dealership, today. Since C and K are not really a couple, but sort of like each other, C drove K to the dealership to check out the car. I drove home with J, who immediately left for home.

For a while, I watched television, while updating on Facebook (FB). Aren't laptops wonderful? I really enjoy mine, for I am able to multi-task while relaxing or working!

At 9:00 pm, I watched Midsomer Murders (M M) on PBS Ontario. Well, in all honesty, I dozed through part of the programme and missed the ending. I hate that! Oh well, what can you do?!

However, while watching M M my phone rang. It was J. She was watching Bachelorette. Apparently, the group was in Istanbul. On a date, the couple bought a rug. J said she just had to call and tell me about it, because it reminded her of the rug I have. While it doesn't look like my rug, she had to laugh about the story of my rug.

Gordon and I had taken a sixteen (16) night transatlantic cruise and were at port in Tangier, Morocco. After sightseeing, we shopped in a government run store. Immediately, the salesperson wanted to sell us a rug. I had absolutely no interest in buying a rug. Gordon wanted to look.

So, up to the third (3rd) floor we went. We saw some gorgeous rugs. The salesperson kept enticing us. Gordon was falling under the spell. I wasn't. And, I kept telling the salesperson I really did not want to purchase a rug.

Then, the worst thing happened. Gordon fell in love with a rug. Being a salesperson myself, I cringed when he looked at me, longingly wanting this rug. In fact, he spoke to me, "'s so-o beautiful! Can't we..."

Cringing even more, not because I didn't like the rug, for I truly liked it, but because Gordon had revealed his total and complete desire to obtain the rug, I prayed the Lord to help me. In my heart of hearts, I knew we would buy this rug. Gordon wanted it, and I knew it. More importantly, so did the salesperson. I kept trying to give Gordon signals that it's not wise to reveal his desire to the salesperson, but he didn't take the hint. The rug was priced over $3,000 Canadian.

I took a deep breath. Yes, I loved this silk rug, probably as much as Gordon did. But, did I want to spend that kind of money on a rug? NO!! So, I did what any other good wife would do. I insisted we did not need a rug.

Leaving the floor and walking down the marble staircase, the salesperson kept dropping the price. By the time we reached the second floor, the price was about C$2,000. Nope, I insisted. It wasn't easy listening to Gordon pleading with me. When I think of this, we must truly have been a sight. Never, had I played a role like this, before. Nor, since.

By the time we reached the main floor, the price was just over C$1,000. The salesperson kept grabbing my arm, pleading with me to negotiate; I didn't. Do you think the salesperson knew I was the person to negotiate with, and not Gordon? lol!!!

The rug was rolled out in front of us once again, on the main floor. Gordon took me aside and insisted we should buy this rug, claiming that we won't get a second chance. I knew this and told him so. I also let him know that I had to play 'bad cop' to get the price down.

Insisting I wouldn't agree to purchase, we made our way through the store. The price kept coming down. As we approached the door, I prayed for the Lord to help me. Gordon stepped outside and looked like a sad puppy. I knew if I walked out the door, the game was over, for if we re-entered the store, the then lower price of C$700 would not fly.

Just as I prayed, the salesperson grabbed my arm and drew me back deeper into the store; Gordon followed, smiling. Silently, I thanked God! The negotiations continued. Eventually, we did purchase the rug, plus Moroccan leather wallets, belts, etc. for the total price of C$530. Gordon was so elated. I truly never saw him as excited as then.

The salesperson didn't complete the transaction, for he was angry, claiming they weren't making any money on the sale; the manager had insisted he close the deal, reminding him that at the change of season, there are very few customers and they had Government quotas to meet. He and another salesperson wrote up the paperwork. It was then that I realized we were the only customers in the store.

The manager told Gordon he had a good wife, who took good care of his money. Then, he turned to me and asked how I learned to negotiate like this. Before I could reply, Gordon told him I sell real estate. The manager looked at me and told me he would never want to be across the table from me, doing a deal. We laughed!

Arriving back at the ship, people were telling us of the lovely rugs they purchased. Prices of C$2,000, 3,000, 4,000 and more were spoken of. Gordon and I agreed we wouldn't speak a word of our price, for we didn't want others to be hurt. We just enjoyed our treasure, there and at home.

I've included a photo of the rug. As you can see, I am not a great photographer. Although I must admit, that if I had realized I would write today about this rug, I would have taken a photo during the day, when the lighting was better. So, please accept my apology for my unprofessional image.

The amazing thing to me is that every time I look at this rug, I think of Gordon and how much he loved it. And, what we went through to get it. It breaks my heart, for I have the rug he loved, but I no longer have Gordon.

Until next time...

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