Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Destruction and Relief...

When I awoke this morning, I really didn't feel like getting up, for morning had come early. Even though I tried to get to sleep early last evening, it didn't happen until after 2:30 am. So, getting up about 6:45 am, made it a short night's sleep, once again.

My realtor friend/work partner C arrived at my home about 8:30 am. Together, we drove to Leamington. As members and especially with C being a voting member of the Windsor-Essex County Real Estate Board (WECREB), we headed to the Roma Club, where a special meeting had been called. WECREB decided to hold the meeting in Leamington, so we from the Windsor area would be able to drive through the area damaged by the tornado a couple of weeks ago.

This special general membership meeting had been called, so that our board would be able to give $50,000 to a relief fund for the area. It passed with no problem.

Afterwards, C asked me if I would mind stopping at Oak Farms; I agreed. So, I drove us there. Whenever C is in the area, he likes to stop at Oak Farms to buy flowers, for his mother-in-law who will be turning 101 years old, this summer. In fact, on one of my trips to Leamington with my daughter P, C asked me to pick up flowers for him, so he could have some nice flowers to give his mother-in-law.

We veered off the quickest route home, by heading to Kingsville. On the way, we saw the devastation caused by the tornado. Once in Kingsville, I made a quick stop at Annabelle's Tea Room, where I picked up some delicious tea: Caramel Cherry Cheesecake.

When I returned to my vehicle, C asked where the cheesecake was. Shocked, I asked what he meant. It seemed C thought I had stopped to pick up actual cheesecake and not a gourmet blend of tea. We had a chuckle over this!

Heading back towards Windsor, C suggested we stop somewhere to have lunch. After a short discussion, knowing we had to stop at our office, we decided to eat at our broker's restaurant: Jovan's Station Restaurant. Since I had driven, C treated me to a delicious meal. Thank you, C!

Arriving back at my home, C was to pick up his car and head to the nursing home to see his mother-in-law. To my surprise, he gave me a package of cut flowers. Never before had he done this. I was shocked! He said he wanted to do this as a 'thank you' for me driving to Leamington and stopping at his favourite flower shop. Thank you, C! The flowers are lovely. I appreciate you doing this for me. It was not necessary, but thank you! I know I am blessed, having you as my friend.

Gordon used to bring me flowers, regularly. Receiving this gift, I thought about how much I missed receiving flowers from Gordon. Even though today's flowers were a friendly gift and not a romantic show of affection, it made me cry as I arranged them in a vase.

Lord, am I ever going to be able to function as a normal human being, without feeling grief at the most inopportune times? As I arranged the flowers, all I could think of was Gordon. I became really sad. It's so easy for people to say things like how I should think of the good times with Gordon. Only someone who has experienced such deep grief, could understand that even thinking of good times brings tears, because ultimately the person is reminded of their loss.

Just then, my neighbour/friend K phoned me, wanting me to go to the pool with her. I agreed and off we went. Me to do my daily 30+ minute pool exercise and she to relax and unwind.

Without me even mentioning being upset only a short time earlier, K told me about our neighbour/friend M. Apparently, M had been in our lobby a few days ago, waiting for a friend. She was visibly upset, crying. Unfortunately, M's husband died the same day my Gordon died. I felt bad for M, hearing this. Still, I was glad K talked with me about the incident, for it reassured me that I truly wasn't abnormal, hearing that M is still grieving her husband the way I am, mine.

Lord, it makes me feel badly that I am reassured by someone else's pain. If it is Your will, please heal our broken hearts quickly, for there are times when I just feel like I cannot go on, because the pain is so great. I'm sure M feels the same way, Lord. I ask this in Jesus' precious name and thank you in advance. Amen.

After chatting with a good friend on Facebook for a while, I relaxed, watched some television and enjoyed my instant reply (leftovers) from last night's dinner.

Severe storms are passing through our area once again. In fact, funnel clouds have been sighted in Michigan and there is currently a tornado warning in effect. Their weather always comes to us, just as it is, currently. I'm praying there won't be any further damage to any area where these storms are passing through. Time will tell. God's will is always done.

Well, I should head to bed. Sleep well, friends. I'll try.

Until next time...