Monday, May 3, 2010

A Time of Blessing...

A friend asked me today if I was all 'churched out', because of attending three (3) worship services, yesterday. :-)) All I can say is that I love worshipping my Lord! Hopefully, I will never feel 'churched out'.

The hours on the clock meant I should have felt rested this morning, but I didn't. For some reason, I just kept waking up through the night. Getting going early was my goal, but it seemed that it didn't happen quite as quickly as I had hoped.

Still, I managed to send off some mail to N. Ireland, to relatives for birthdays and to encourage a cousin, whose husband died about four months ago. While I might not know exactly what she is going through, I basically understand her situation, for loneliness, heartbreak and longing for a chance to say goodbye is common for each of us, who never had the chance to say goodbye.

My daughter P and I shared some girl time, today. We enjoyed a meal, before going grocery shopping, together. What a chore! Truly, shopping is not my thing. Still, it's a wonderful time to spend with my daughter. I'm grateful and feel blessed.

Arriving home is always a chore, with groceries to lug in and put away. It really didn't take that long. Thank You, Father for helping me through this ordeal! lol

My neighbour/friend K had left a message for me. Instead of phoning her back to talk, I called her and asked if she would like a 'sweet treat', for I had bought something that I really didn't need, but appealed to me at the time I purchased it. Now, I'm not saying I didn't want it, for I enjoy eating it, but I certainly don't need it! Anyway, K was receptive, so I carried our sweet treat to her home, where we enjoyed a sweet time of fellowship.

As I was leaving for home, K told me her sister K had brought her a pan of homemade quiche. She didn't even have to ask me if I would like some, for we both know that I enjoy quiche. What a wonderful treat for me! Not just the delicious broccoli and cheese quiche, but also not having to make supper for myself, tonight! Thank you, to both K's. Your generosity and love, truly made me feel blessed. Of course, the quiche was mmm...delicious!

Today was the day that my friend W, was scheduled to have surgery in Toronto. She was on my mind throughout the day; I prayed, regularly for her. When I checked my e-mail, there was a message from my church, letting me and others know that W's surgery went well and she was in recovery. What a relief it was to hear this; thank you to W's daughter K, for having the message sent to update us. Praise God! For keeping my friend W safe and giving a positive answer to prayer, I Thank You, Jesus!

Yes, I know I was scheduled to go to the house to clean, today. No, I didn't get to do this. After being busy with other things, including the shopping I mentioned previously, I was absolutely exhausted. Well, I suppose I could say I kind of got started, for I dropped off my cleaning equipment and supplies, so I'll be ready to go the next time I can get there! :-))

While I was at the house, I noticed that my lawn had been cut, again. Last week, the lawn was cut. I wasn't sure who did it and wondered if someone from my church had cut the lawn.

On Sunday, I asked the person in charge of the group that does things for people who need stuff done; M assured me that he had not cut the lawn. Then, I asked if he knew if someone from the church had done this for me; M replied that he thought so, but it was probably better that I didn't know who did it, commenting that I should just be thankful. I am. Truly thankful. Thank you to whoever has been doing this for me. I know that you are showing me the love of Christ. I'm blessed and I know it! May God bless you, for your Christian love and kindness.

Now that my co-worker/realtor friend L is back from Taiwan, my schedule is a little looser this week. I'm hoping that tomorrow I will have time to go do some of what I need to do there. Believe me, even a home not being used, gathers dust and needs spring cleaning. Hopefully, the spring cleaning will go well and take less time than I think it will. Wish me luck!

Until next time...