Tuesday, May 4, 2010


To me, it seems really bad to not get to sleep until after 4:00 am. After all, some people are getting up then, or shortly after! Still, that's what happened, last night. Yes, I slept in somewhat; at least until about 9:00 am.

C phoned me this morning; she was returning my call of last evening. She's a lady who is new to Windsor; C moved here from Ottawa area. In fact, she moved here less than a month ago. C was working with my co-worker/realtor friend L and purchased a home that I had listed.

Since C is single and is Christian, I suggested we get together Friday evening, because it is the first Friday of the month, which means it is time for Christian Singles' Cafe, at Tim Horton's (Crawford & Wyandotte 7:30 pm). I'll be picking up C, to ensure she doesn't get lost! I'm hoping to introduce C to other singles, so she can make some 'new' friends. After all, we all need friends. Certainly C does, since she basically knows no one, except those she's met at church, so far. And me, of course!

Believe it or not, I found time today, to go do some spring cleaning at the house. Boy, did it need it! Actually, since I have some physical limitations, it can be very painful doing some of this work, but I feel I need to do it. If I cannot cope with the extra effort, I suppose I could hire someone to do it for me, but I feel like I would be letting Gordon down, if I did this. Seem silly to you? Well, maybe. But, it doesn't to me, so I suppose that's all that matters, at the moment.

By the time I left for home, I had been cleaning two and one-half hours. Well, I didn't say I work fast! lol Hopefully, another visit or two will be sufficient. Although, doing windows does take time!

I made it home in time to shower, change and set off to take dinner to an elderly Christian sister-in-the-Lord, whose daughter used to care for her. G's daughter died a few months ago; she feels lost, naturally. I'm grateful that God has been providing for her. Lately, I can see improvement in her, so I am thankful.

Prior to going to clean the house, I prepared the meal for G, packaged it up and meant to take it with me, but forgot, as I left in a hurry. This meant that when I returned home, I had to pick it up and go out once more.

The funny thing is that when I arrived home to shower, change and set off to take G her meal, I found hanging on my door, a bag, containing a still warm plate of dinner for me. Left by my neighbour/friend K. God bless her! She periodically blesses me; of course, I return the favour, also. But I was shocked today, for it was only yesterday when K gave me quiche! Thank You Father for blessing me with a great friend, like K. Well, I know what I'm having for dinner, tomorrow! Thank you, K.

After dropping by G's, I made my way to Tecumseh Roadhouse, where I was meeting my friend J, for dinner and karaoke (begins at 7:00 pm). Hopefully, J had as good a time as I did. The fellowship time is really important to me, but I was thankful that J stayed for a while for the karaoke.

J didn't sing. She says she cannot sing. Hmmm...I've heard people say things like this, but rarely is this true. Some people just don't like to sing before others. Like me. Before my friend M helped me and God removed the spirit of fear from me.

Truly, I was grateful that J stayed, because usually, when I go to practice for the upcoming quarter-finals for Bluesfest Idol 2010, I am alone. Being alone isn't just lonely, but it doesn't allow for feedback from anyone. Tonight, J helped me, by telling me which songs were better than others and gave me other feedback. Thank you, J. I appreciate your love, care and concern for me! May God bless you, richly.

Since the restaurant/bar closes at 11:00 pm and I stayed until closing, it's now bedtime for me. Hopefully, since I am worn out, I'll be able to sleep, tonight! Sweet dreams to you...

Until next time...