Thursday, April 29, 2010

News is Always Good, When God's There!

That big, bright full moon kept me awake, last night. It just beamed so brightly, that I felt like it was calling me to gaze upon it. Eventually, I turned my back to it and drifted off into a great sleep.

This morning, I didn't have to rush, for my appointment with a potential client wasn't until this afternoon. I used today, to do more computer work and caught up on some stuff that I had been putting off.

My co-worker/realtor friend L, who had been away on vacation, called me. She's home! Praise God! Thank You, Jesus! Not just so she can once again take over doing her own work, either . lol Thank You for bringing her home again, safely! After all, Taiwan is very far away. L told me that she had four flights to get home from Taiwan: to Seoul, Korea; then to San Francisco, USA; then to Toronto, ON; then, to Windsor. Only someone who has travelled will understand how tiring that can be. Exciting, but exhausting. Needless to say, L is going to sleep well, tonight!

In the end, my afternoon appointment cancelled as the homeowner was feeling sick, today. There must be something going around at the moment, for a couple of my friends told me they weren't feeling well, today.

As per usual, I went to my church tonight, for prayer time and Bible study. I am so grateful that God has made this available to me. I've worshipped at C.B. for over sixteen years, now. It's like home to me.

Actually, when I arrived at church, I was greeted with some very good news. Our Pastor B, who has been senior Pastor at C.B. since our previous pastor left to teach/preach/lead a church family in Michigan, is getting married! I must admit, it is really good news. He's never been married before. Of course, he's only in his thirties, so it's not like he's really that old; in fact, young to be a senior pastor.

In case you are wondering. Yes, those of us present for prayer time did our fair share of teasing him. Especially since I had watched, Moonstruck last night, due to the full moon gleaming. I couldn't resist, so I asked him if he got down on his knee/knees to propose. After all, in real life, even as in movies (like Moonstruck), the fellow is supposed to kneel. He admitted he had; we all had a good time celebrating and teasing B. Hey! After all, we are family!

Yes, tonight's news was really good, Pastor B. Congratulations to you and your fiance, M! May God bless you both with a lifetime of happiness, good health and love, together. With God being the centre of their marriage, they cannot go wrong!

Afterwards, I stopped and saw my daughter P for a few minutes, as she lives not far from my church. In addition, I did some shopping and dropped off some, Lipton's Chicken Noodle Soup mix to both my friends who weren't feeling well, today.

I know! I'll hear it from someone, I'm sure. Homemade is better! Yes; I agree that homemade is great! However, whenever I don't feel well, which hasn't been very often since I've been taking my fabulous vitamins, I find that I really need the salt and the Lipton's soup helps me feel better. Try it. I'm sure you'll agree!, I am not being paid by Lipton to promote their product. :-))

I've been thinking about what I should sing. After all, I do need to practice, especially since I am not really used to singing to music, pre-recorded or otherwise. June may seem like a long way off, but it really isn't, when I can only sing a few times per week, to practice.

Today, I decided that if I need to sing two songs to compete in each of the quarter-final and semi-final contests, in order to become one of ten people to sing at the Bluesfest in July, then I must come up with four or five, in case I need an extra song.

I already know that if I make it to sing on-stage, before a crowd at Bluesfest, I want to sing my re-written lyrical version of Sarah McLachlin's song, Angel, because I would like to honour Jesus with my music. So, I really don't need to worry about that.

However, the other music was bothering me, until today that is. Today, I decided that at least one song for each of the quarter and semi final contests, I will sing a re-written version of a popular song. Anyone who knows me, will know that I enjoy changing some lyrics, even if it is only a word or two, in order to make it a praise/worship song.

Doing this usually shocks people, if they aren't prepared. That's not my purpose. My purpose is to honour God, but in a way that even unsaved people can relate to.

Still, practice I must. Of course, if God wills this to be, it will happen. If He doesn't, it won't. Any/all prayer will be appreciated.

Until next time...