Thursday, April 1, 2010


As you know by now, Thursday evening is prayer and Bible study, for me. Yup, that's where I church.

Within the last couple of days, I've written about the 'Old Testament' and the 'New Testament' parts of the Bible and how the 'Old Testament' is the same as the Hebrew Bible and represents the covenant God had with His Chosen People, while the 'New Testament' is the covenant that God made with gentiles or non-Jewish people.

Also, I wrote about how both Christian and Jew agree that there is no remission of sin, without the shedding of blood (sacrifice).

Yesterday, I wrote about Passover, how it came about, what it represents and how God's Chosen People had to make blood sacrifices, to cleanse themselves and atone for their sin. In addition, I wrote how God made provision for the rest of us, gentiles who become grafted in to the family of God's Chosen People, by trusting in/believing on Jesus Christ, being washed clean by His blood for He was the sacrifice to end all sacrifices.

So, you may ask: How do we know that Jesus of the 'New Testament' is the Messiah prophesized about in the 'Old Testament'/Hebrew Bible?

I'll try to make this as easy as possible to understand. I tried to print a 'table', but this system would not allow me to print this, so here goes:

* Place of Jesus' birth was prophesized in Micah 5:2, with the prophesy being fulfilled in Matthew 2:1

* Born of a virgin was prophesized in Isaiah 7:14, with the prophesy being fulfilled in Matthew 1:18; Luke 1:26-37

* Jesus' triumphal entry was prophesized in Zechariah 9:9, with the prophesy being fulfilled in John 12:14

* Sold for 30 pieces of silver was prophesized in Zechariah 11:12,13, with the prophesy being fulfilled in Matthew 26:14,15 and Matthew 27:3-10

* Soldiers cast lots for clothes was prophesized in Psalm 22:18, with the prophesy being fulfilled in Mark 15:24

* Not a bone to be broken was prophesized in Psalm 34:20, with the prophesy being fulfilled in John 19:33

* Jesus' resurrection was prophesized in Psalm 16:10, with the prophesy being fulfilled in Matthew 28:6

* Jesus' ascension was prophesized in Psalm 68:18, with the prophesy being fulfilled in Luke 24:51

If you open a Bible and read the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible passages of prophecy, you will be able to read the New Testament passages of how God fulfilled the prophecy, through Jesus Christ. That's right! Jesus is/was the Messiah who came to earth; God's only begotten Son, who was not recognized by God's Chosen People, when He came to earth.

Of course, this is easy to understand, for the rulers of the era, as well as the religious leaders didn't have the Bible to read. They only had the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible, which prophesized the future coming of the Messiah.

We are fortunate, for we have God's total Word to us; both Old and New Testaments. Now, all that's left, is for you to do your reading and research. Sola Scriptura...Scripture Alone. May you be blessed as you search the Scriptures...God's Word.

Until next time...