Friday, April 9, 2010

Friendship & Love...

After all the talk about sleep in yesterday's entry, I slept pretty well, last night. Praise God! Thank You, Jesus!

Last evening, my friend M called and asked what I had planned for tonight. When I replied that I didn't have any plans, she responded that she was happy, because she and her husband D were going to bring pizza for supper. Wow! This sounded like a good plan to me, so I agreed!

Knowing I was to have company, I thought it might be a good idea to vacuum and dust, today. Hey! Any excuse will do! At least it gets done! Now that my home is clean, anyone want to visit?! :-))

In addition, knowing that tomorrow I will be meeting with a few Christian church sisters for an afternoon of fun, food and fellowship, I needed to shop for fruit, as I was to bring fruit platters with me. So, I decided that in my travels, I also needed to grocery shop.

What a chore! Normally, it doesn't bother me, but my poor knee and foot with the broken toe caused me so much pain, that I could hardly walk by the time I arrived home.

Of course, then I needed to unpack groceries, wash and create the fruit platters for tomorrow, make a salad and prepare for my contribution for tonight's meal. I was glad that when I had previously baked cupcakes, that I had frozen a handful, for I just defrosted them, iced them, washed some fruit and voila! Dessert! Phew! Was I glad to finally be able to sit down!

M, D, Gordon and I used to get together every couple months or so. We would take turns at each other's homes. Sometimes they would bring pizza, sometimes we would. Whoever was doing the driving would pick up the pizza, from our favourite place. The person whose home we would be at, would supply salad, dessert and beverages. We always had a good time.

You may remember that J and I did this a few weeks ago, with M and D, at their home. Tonight, they had hoped that J would be with us, but she felt she was too busy working on her tax info that she needs to compile, so she decided to not join us.

Poor J. You don't know what you missed. Then again, maybe you do, especially since you confirmed to me that our favourite pizza place has now become yours, too! M, D and I felt badly you weren't with us, but even through our sorrow (lol), we enjoyed every delectable morsel that entered our hungry mouths! Seriously, it would have been nice to have had you with us.

While I tried to not let it bother me, I did think about it being the first time that M and D had come to my home to celebrate our favourite meal together, since Gordon died. The empty seat at the table bothered me, but I don't think they even knew, for I tried to not let my heartbreak show.

I miss Gordon more than I can say. No, he wasn't perfect. Neither am I. But, he was my life. Now, I don't have a life, anymore. I just feel like an empty shell, going about my daily activities.

We had quite an evening of stimulating conversation. Some about God. Some about the Bible. And, some about the book, 'The Shack'.

M is like me. She is a born-again believer, who enjoys worshipping God. She worships at a different church than I, but this really is not important. We've known each other for many years and have always related well. You may remember that M has just returned to work, after recovering from having a mastectomy. I love her, dearly.

M and D had both been previously married, just as Gordon and I had. In fact, we were married the same year. It's kind of funny really, to understand our connection.

You see, M and I sold real estate and knew each other through that connection. Gordon and D had much in common, too. They had both been raised worshipping at Grace & Truth Brethren chapel, here in Windsor. Small world, isn't it?!

D is a kindhearted man, who has had his share or more of problems in life. Of course, many/most of us have. D kind of walks, thinks and worships to the beat of his own drum. I say this lovingly, for I love him dearly, too.

Tonight, as I mentioned, we had stimulating conversation about many topics. Hopefully, they enjoyed the evening as much as I did. The fun, food and fellowship was a blessing to me. Thank you, M and D. Your companionship was wonderful.

As I write this, I realize that in about forty minutes, it will be exactly six months since Gordon died. I cannot believe that I am still alive, breathing and functioning. As I said previously, he was my life. I miss him, terribly. I love him, and I always will.

Until next time...