Sunday, April 18, 2010

Foyle's War vs Reality...

This Lord's day was a very full, busy day for me. Of course, I worshipped at with my church family. It's an honour to worship God.

Afterwards, I did not stay for the fund-raiser luncheon, meant to support an upcoming summer missions trip for some of our young people. I felt badly, but I had to leave for work. The good news is, there will be more opportunities to support our missions team.

Since the home I was scheduled to do the 'Open House' at was only a couple minutes from the cemetary, I went to visit Gordon's grave. I didn't stay long. It is sort of sad being there, especially since grass is now growing rapidly atop his grave. How quickly time flies. And, I'm not even having fun.

After my 'Open House', I did a couple of work errands and made my way to worship with the small church group I've talked about, recently. Today, there were less than fifteen people in attendance, including one visitor and one young man who was saved, yesterday. Praise God for this! Thank You, Jesus! I feel it is important to support this church planting effort. Besides, I enjoy Pastor B's preaching. Gordon and I used to visit/worship on an irregular basis. As I've mentioned, my daughter P used to worship with this group.

Rushing home, I finished making dinner, before P and my grandsons arrived. I enjoyed our time, together. Boy, can my grandsons eat! :-)) Seriously, it's great having them visit. P is blessed. So am I. Thank You Father, for blessing me, today.

No, I haven't yet cleaned up and the dishes are still waiting to be done. I'll get things done, as soon as I finish writing this entry. I would have been cleaned up and reorganized, but instead of working at it, I spoke on the phone to a friend and afterwards, my brother G.

Television scheduling has been rather boring, lately; it seems like there hasn't been much on tv that I was interested in watching. However, this evening was different. PBS Detroit was airing a movie I wanted to see. Then, I noticed that during the same time period, TVOntario was airing, 'Foyle's War'. It's a great series; Gordon and I used to enjoy watching it. Since I couldn't decide what to do, I did what any other intelligent woman would do. I recorded the PBS Detroit movie and watched 'Foyle's War'!

This week's episode was one I had not previously seen; it was about a young, white British woman and her lover (a black American GI) who had a child together and wanted to marry. She gets murdered and of course the case is solved.

My reason for mentioning this is not because of the tv show, although I do enjoy it. It's because it reminded me that during WW2 there were indeed many young women who had children out-of-wedlock. Most gave the child up for adoption, as it wasn't accepted in society and there were not many options for support at that time.

When I first began blogging, I mentioned that I believed I have a sister overseas; she would be my Father's child. My parents were both in the army and never met until after the war, when they were both repatriated to Canada.

The story of how I found out and what led up to finding out, is far too long for this entry. It's enough to say that I think I may have met the woman I believe is my sister. Only a DNA test would give an answer to that question. If I'm right, I feel it would be a blessing to me; if I'm wrong, it could mean the end of our current relationship. If she knows, she hasn't told me, but I presume she doesn't know. On my next visit to N. Ireland, I plan to talk with her about it. Please pray about this situation.

Yes, the war affected my family's lives, in more ways than what people may think. It's too much to discuss here, now. Maybe one day. It's enough to say, that I believe that because my Father had been hurt over not having his child or a relationship with her, that he had a hard time accepting other children. Eventually, he had four of us, here in Canada. While I believe my brothers fared better than I, for they were at least male, I know for sure that my Father never wanted me or showed me love and affection. In fact, when I was really young, he would tell me so; my Mom used to cry about it. Like I said, there's too much to this to write about here, tonight.

Well, as I previously stated, I need to get to the dishes and finish cleaning up and reorganizing my home. Hopefully, you enjoyed your weekend, as much as I did mine. Blessings, to you.

Until next time...