Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Family Day!

Sleep? What's that? Wish I had some! Seriously, I was so wound up that I had trouble sleeping. Oh well, I'm good and tired tonight, so I'm sure I'll sleep like a log!

In addition to my excitement, I realized that I had made an error in what I wrote in yesterday's entry; it wasn't at least twelve (12) years since I had gotten over my fear of singing for people, it was at least sixteen (16) years! Oh well, in the whole scheme of things, it really makes no difference. I'm just glad that God removed the spirit of fear, from me!

After forcing myself to get moving this morning and getting some work done, I rushed making the sandwiches I needed to make, to take with me to the 50+ group luncheon at my church, today. Arriving, I found the food tables did not contain sandwiches, so I asked about it. It turns out, I misread the agenda; sandwiches are for next month! Oh well, they got eaten, anyway. Along with salads, main dishes and, of course, dessert!

With a couple of stops along the way, I arrived home to find a message on my answering machine from my brother, B's girlfriend, P. Apparently, they were on their way to Windsor, from Guelph, to visit with me and my daughter, P.

P received B & P, first. Later, they stopped in to visit with me. It's always nice to see my brother and his girlfriend. Believe me, it doesn't happen all that often, for he, like our younger brother G, is diabetic and on dialysis three (3) times per week; tomorrow, being one of his designated days.

During our visit, B used my internet to show me a photo and an article from the Guelph Mercury (newspaper), about himself and several other people who were responsible for writing a book about the history of the Guelph Police Services. This is not the first book he has written, for B also wrote a book about the Guelph Human Society's history, several years ago.

Considering that B is partially disabled, he sure is a busy person! In addition, he is a Lion's club member. And, he has written two books that he's looking for funding for, to make into movies. I am so grateful that B's life is going well for him, for I he seems to be very happy with his life, at the moment. Praise God!

Today must have been, 'brother' day. For in addition to visiting with my older brother B, I spoke by telephone to my younger brother, G. You may have read a while back that he is also writing a blog: Disabled vs Government. If you're interested, you can find it on my list of blogs I follow.

Actually, today must have been not just 'brother' day, but 'family' day! For in the afternoon, I was able to see my youngest daughter P, for a few minutes. Then, in the mail, I received a card/note from the person I believe may be our 'yet-to-be-found' sister, in Ireland. Sister or not, I am glad for this relationship.

It did my heart good to have all this contact from family, today. Praise God! Thank You, Jesus!

Now, I'll feel blessed if I can just get some sleep, tonight. If I don't say 'goodnight', I may have another short night and early morning, so I'll just say, "Goodnight"!

Until next time...