Monday, April 12, 2010

Busy Day!

My body must be wanting to catch up on sleep, because I really didn't want to get up this morning. But I can't do this, for I need to get up and work. Just like everyone else! Thank You, Father, for helping me sleep!

Today, it seemed that I never stopped. It was just go, go, go. It seemed that I didn't stop working, all day and through part of the evening!

Last evening, I had a call from K, the son of A, a woman I've known for years. In fact, I believe it was 1988 when I first met A.

If I'm repeating myself, please forgive me, for I have a great memory, but it can sometimes be short; also, I don't really have the time to read over every entry I have made, in order to ensure I'm not repeating myself.

Years ago, A called me at my office, because she wanted to sell her home. I did my research and met with her. A explained to me that both her husband and her brother (who had lived with them) had died; she was now alone and no longer wanted the responsibility that came with home ownership.

A was a hard-working retired woman, who took good care of her home. She obviously had pridefully cared for it, for she even lemon-oiled the joists in the basement laundry room. Never before, nor since, have I seen someone do this.

Paperwork all ready and pen in hand, A began to cry, telling me that she just could not sign the papers. After consoling her, we agreed to keep in touch. Over the next approximately two years, I met with A, regularly. Finally, we met and A was able to move forward.

It didn't take long for me to sell her home. No, I didn't sell her another home to move to. A had already decided to move into a rental apartment building where her sister lived. At a later date, the building's owner applied to have the building changed to 'Condo' status; A bought her rental unit, directly from the owner.

Over the years we've kept in touch. Just before Christmas was the last time I saw her, until today. As I mentioned, her son K, called me last evening. Apparently, A had a health problem that led to her being hospitalized at Hotel Dieu-Grace Hospital (the hospital where Gordon died). Unfortunately, A has lung cancer; doctors have not given her son K, an idea of how long she will live.

A has lived a long life, already. She's in her 90's and is still as smart as a whip. Today, when I saw her, she was as spry as ever. But, using oxygen and being tired, I knew she wasn't as healthy as she once was.

Tomorrow, I'll be listing for sale, A's condo apartment on Riverside Dr. E. at Goyeau St. I know that it will be a sad time for her. Tonight, I tried to reassure her that God is in control. Hopefully, she will not worry, as my realtor friend/co-worker C and I will do our best to make this as painless a process as possible.

Why am I telling you this? Because I love A and know she needs prayer. If you can find it in your heart to do so, please pray for her. And, for her family.

Life is really like a vapour. It disappears right before our eyes. People sometimes say that we're here one day and gone the next. I don't agree. I know from my own experience in life that it's as quick as we're here one second and could be gone the next.

We all need Jesus as our Saviour, for He is our key to heaven. I feel blessed that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.

Father, we thank You, for Your many blessings to us. You are such an awesome God. We thank You for sending Jesus to be the sacrifice to end all sacrifices, for us. We thank You for sending the Holy Spirit, to intercede with utterings and groanings for us when we pray, for we don't always know what to pray for. Allow the Holy Spirit to convict us of any sin in our lives, so we can be clean vessels before You. Father, we won't pray for healing for A, but rather, we ask that Your will be done in her life and in the lives of her family members, for You alone know the plans You have for her and indeed everyone. We all have friends and family that need salvation, so we pray for each one. Thank You in advance, for Your answered prayer. In Jesus' precious name we pray. Amen.

Since I know tomorrow will be another busy day, I hope I will sleep as well as some of you do! Nighty-night! Sleep tight! Don't let the bedbugs bite!

Until next time...