Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Busy, Busy!

Yes, my escape to Mexican Town Restaurant in Detroit, MI, USA, was delicious, indeed! C, K and I enjoyed our meal and time together at the restaurant. Thank you C, for treating us! Later, C drove to a Meijer Store, because there was something he needed to pick up. K went home happy, because she bought something, as well. As for me, well, I didn't buy anything, for the item I looked for wasn't in stock. Still, with my leftover mexican food, I didn't go home empty-handed! :-))

We got home about 8:30 pm, so it wasn't a late night for any of us. Actually, I almost didn't go with C and K, because I kind of felt like a third wheel, but when I mentioned it to K a few days ago, she insisted she didn't want the outing to become a 'date', as she just met C. K insisted that I go; C, too. Actually, after the stressful day I had yesterday, I was glad to have gone! As I said yesterday, I needed the escape. Good food! Good friends! What more could anyone ask for?! I'm blessed and I know it.

Even though I went to bed fairly early (at least for me!), I didn't sleep right away, so morning came early when my alarm went off at 6:15 am.

My wake-up time was earlier than normal for me, because I had an early morning appointment with my eye specialist, for 8:00 am. It took forever to get there, due to construction enroute, beginning today. My check up went well. No inflammation cells appeared in the fluid around my eye! While I know I will never be cured, it is nice to know that the Iritis is under control. No inflammation means no added pressure, so no worries of secondary Glaucoma! Praise God! Thank You, Jesus!

Then, I was off to my chiropractic appointment. Yup, got my bones cracked. lol Sorry, couldn't resist! My adjustments went well and I was on my way to meet with my income tax preparer, to pick up the paperwork I needed.

That done, I was blessed to have a late breakfast with my daughter P. During our girl time together, my daughter B called, so I was able to speak with her for a few minutes. No baby, yet. B was due, yesterday. Apparently, if she doesn't go into labour by the weekend, she will be induced. The ultrasound showed this child is a girl. For B's sake, I hope it is, for she's hoping for a daughter this time, to join her four sons. Time will tell! :-))

I had an errand to do in LaSalle, for I had to pick up a gift certificate for clients. It's a thank-you gift for allowing me to sell their home. I'm sure they'll enjoy it, for the certificate is for their favourite restaurant.

Enroute to deliver the gift certificate, I stopped at the cemetary for a few minutes. I was glad to have gone, today. I just wish I didn't have to go there, at all.

Life has been stressful for me, lately. Especially with it being income tax time. Even just thinking of submitting Gordon's final tax return reminds me of my loss. Not much different than the thought of giving away his personal items and clothing, that I have not yet done. After all, it's like dealing with another ending for him. Another piece that proves he's gone and will never be back. Sometimes, I wish that if I could just hold onto these things, it would feel like I'm holding onto him and not letting him go. But, this is exactly why these things need to be done.

So, after finally arriving home, I sorted out the paperwork, assembled everything the way it needed to be done and drove downtown to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) - Income Tax office. Phew! What a rush! I just made it, with about two minutes to spare. But, it's done.

The woman at the counter asked me when my husband died. I replied and began to cry. It's so-o embarassing. Why do I do this?! I cried half the way home, too. It's a good thing Riverside Dr. was backed up with traffic, due to more construction, for it gave me time to cry it out, before arriving home.

I'm writing today's entry somewhat earlier than normal, after feasting on leftovers from yesterday's Mexican escape, trying to decide if I will head over to Tecumseh Roadhouse for karaoke night. If you recall, last week I tried out to be a contestant for Bluesfest Idol 2010 and made it.

They kind of expect we contestants to come out to karaoke nights and practice singing some music, so that when we have our quarter-final contest in June, we'll be prepared. I just really don't like going into these environments, especially alone. Still, I have nothing better to do this evening, so I think I will just mosey on along and make myself go. Practice is practice. Especially since karaoke music is not quite like a live band or singing acapella, the way I normally sing, I suppose I really need to do this. Wish me luck!

Until next time...