Thursday, April 15, 2010


This was another morning where I was up and out early, working hard. This made for a very short night, for I didn't get to sleep until close to 2:30 am. Although I felt like having a nap after arriving home from working, I didn't. I'm not sure whether this was good or bad.

Forgive me for discussing work in this entry, but it was one rather frustrating day, in one rather very full, stressful week.

This morning, I showed a listing of my realtor/friend L's to buyers; they didn't seem very interested in the property, for they felt it needed too much work. Yesterday, I had also arranged to show this same duplex to another gentleman, one half hour later than the first couple. The gentleman did not show up, so I called him; he told me he couldn't make it until at least 1 1/2 hours later. After checking my schedule, I re-arranged things to make it work and agreed to meet him, at the time he requested.

I went about my other business and returned to the property to wait, once again. No, this gentleman did not show up; I waited one half hour longer than the appointed time, then left after calling him, twice.

Later in the afternoon, this fellow called me, making excuses for not showing up; I accepted his apology. As we spoke, he became rather nasty on the phone, so I cut the conversation short, blessing him, before he hung up.

This was not an end-of-the-world type issue, but it was rather frustrating. It just confirms to me that we live in a weird world, much different than a generation ago. I could probably write a book about my realtor experiences; but then again, it might be rather boring to non-realtors. One thing is for sure. People who put God first in their lives seem to for the most part, treat people differently than non-believers do. I see it regularly, both in my work life and my personal life.

This evening, I had a conversation with my friend W, who is painfully awaiting surgery next month, in Toronto. We prayed for her that God would take away her pain, giving her even temporary relief. As we spoke, she told me she could feel her pain level decreasing. Praise God! Thank You, Jesus, for the answered prayer!

Our conversation was longer than I had originally anticipated, when I first decided to call her. We shared many topics of discussion, about both her life and mine.

W told me that she thought I was such an encouragement to her. This revelation truly threw me for a loop; I was dumbfounded.

She feels that although I have good days and bad days, I am a walking testimoney for God. Wow! What an honour to have something like this said about anyone, never!

She told me that she admires how I am coping with the loss of my husband and other tragedies in my life, from both before and since Gordon's death. W also told me that she feels I have stronger faith than most people she knows.

It's funny how we don't really see ourselves the way others see us.

This was quite a contrast to earlier this week, where something happened to me personally, that I felt degraded by, as a person and especially as a child of God.

There you have it. Two opposite opinions of one person; me. Will I worry about this? No. I know that I cannot make everyone in this world happy. The only person I need to have approval of is God. If He's happy with me, then nothing else matters.

I think I'll sleep well, tonight. Hopefully, you'll do the same.

Until next time...