Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Miracle Needed...

It's not surprising that I didn't sleep well, last night. Oh, I managed to doze off, but couldn't stay asleep. If I woke up once, I must have awoken a dozen times, or so it seemed. Anyway, morning came early. I'm tired, again. So, what else is new?!

This morning, I did my normal work from home like I usually do, but today, I worked outside my home, too. My coworker/realtor friend C and I showed homes this afternoon. I know, I know, I promised not to discuss work too often, but I must discuss this, today.

You see, my knee was absolutely killing me; it's just too bad that it didn't finish off the job! :-)) If I don't laugh, I'll cry. Hey, if I thought it would do some good, I would. Seriously, the buyer is a pharmacist; he asked if I was suffering with my knee. My goodness! It's pretty bad when your buyer can tell you're in agony and watches you suffer.

To be honest, I tried to climb/descend as few stairs as possible, so my coworker/realtor friend C showed most of the lower levels of homes, so I could rest. Still, I could hardly walk, today. How awful is this! A realtor that cannot do her job, physically. This is disgusting. Really!

It's good that I am proficient in other facets of the real estate business, otherwise I would have to consider retiring. I don't want to retire. Thank you C, for I am grateful to have you as a partner to work with, who is willing to put up with my physical limitations.

And, I don't want surgery, either! I've had enough of doctors and surgery to last a lifetime; maybe two lifetimes! Besides, when my Mom had both her knees replaced, her right leg was set wrong and she never walked again, properly...ever. No. I'm done with surgery. Besides, Gordon isn't here to take care of me. I'm alone, now. No. It's not realistic.

Speaking of Gordon, within an hour or so, at 12:30 am, it will be exactly five months since Gordon died. Sometimes, I can hardly believe that God has allowed me to even breathe this long, for there have been times, when I thought for sure I would die with grief. As I've said in the past, I have joy in my Lord, but I truly am an unhappy camper. As far as I'm concerned, the best thing that could happen to me would be for God to call me home. The second best, would be to provide me with total, restorative healing.

I've been praying. Now, I'm asking you to pray for me. Thank you. May God bless you, now and always.

After work, I went to visit with K & C, once again. Tuesdays seem to be 'our' day to visit; we've been doing so for weeks, now. Once again, K was working afternoon shift, so he wasn't there with us, tonight. Nor was grandson S. So, we were just a small family of C, N and I at the dinner table. Dinner was delicious! Thank you C, for your kind and generous love.

As usual, we watched, 'The Biggest Loser'. Yes, we both enjoy the show. Of course, we discuss how we would like to be healthy enough to be able to work out the way the contestants do; C has some health limitations, too. In my dreams! Hers, too! lol

If I could turn back the clock to before I was involved in the bus collision, I could have done it. Now? Never. However, I do what I can and leave the rest to God. His will is always done. I'm just praying His will is to take away this crippling pain.

Prayer is powerful and is multiplied mega-fold when more than one person prays. So, again will ask you to pray with me/for me; especially since I am alone, now. Again, I pray God will bless you, richly.

As I said yesterday, I trust Him with every fibre of my being. So, I'm trusting in Him, believing that it is His will to provide me with a miracle healing.

Until next time...