Sunday, March 28, 2010

Memorable Honeymoon Experience!

Thanks to my friend J, for bringing Swiss Chalet chicken for dinner last evening; it was delicious! I'm blessed!

Had I been able to include a link for music, I would have chosen, 'Point of No Return', from the, 'Phantom of the Opera'.

The movie last night was, 'The Lost and Found Family'. At first, since the main character becomes a widow, I wondered if I should have been there, at all; it was very upsetting. It turned out to be a wonderful movie. Yes, I had to hold back tears throughout most of the movie, but if you get a chance to see it, please do.

Arriving home after worship, I found my neighbour/friend K had dinner waiting for me, today. What have I done to deserve all this wonderful treatment?! Thank you, K. Dinner was delicious! Again, I will say it: I'm blessed!

Today, I plan to write about Gordon and my honeymoon. From my previous entry, you know that I was sick with a respiratory infection, when we got married. It didn't stop me from flying; I was determined to have a honeymoon, for I never had one when I married the first time.

Gordon and I flew to Miami. Upon arriving, Gordon drove our rental car, as I was really feeling awful; I slept as he drove partway to Key West. We stopped along the way for the night. I was sick.

Poor Gordon. He spent most of the next few very expensive days in Key West taking care of me, with my fever. Finally, one afternoon my fever seemed to break and we were able to sit out and look onto the Gulf, then went around the building and looked onto the Atlantic. We enjoyed the hot tub for a short time, before I conked out, again.

We spent a couple of days in Miami, where we bought out so many health products at Walgreen's that I thought we should have bought stock in the company (is it publicly traded?)! It helped though. We did some sightseeing and enjoyed the zoo.

Finally, the day came when we were to embark on our 10-day deep south Caribbean cruise. We checked our luggage and gave the cruise line our passports, as required. You must picture this...I was still sick with fever, off and on. We were really late getting permission to embark. Then, we were notified that the cruise was cancelled. CANCELLED???? I said something like, "He's only kidding, right? This can't be! It's our honeymoon!". Apparently, the government shut down the ship, because over 300 people came off the ship, sick.

Well, instead of embarking, we collected our luggage and were taken by bus to one of two hotels that were expecting passengers. The cruise line expected everyone to change our airline tickets; they claimed they would pay the cost, so we could return home. When the cruise line found out that it would cost over US$900 each, to fly to Detroit last minute, they changed their mind. Good, because we didn't want to leave.

Gordon and I decided we did not want to go home, for this was our honeymoon. Some others felt the same, plus a couple of families joined us in our decision. The cruise line told us all their cruises were sold out. Sure, we thought. Did it matter? They weren't going to help any of us make arrangements through their company.

We insisted they bring in a travel agent; they did. The whole group of us decided to purchase another cruise holiday with another cruise line; since it was only a 1 week cruise, all other travellers were flying home, immediately afterwards, but not us. The cruise line wouldn't pay the US$900 each, so instead, they made arrangements to give us complimentary hotel accommodation for the 2 days we would need it; plus, transportation costs from Fort Lauderdale airport to the hotel in Miami. They gave us written instructions, confirming our agreement.

We were complimentary guests overnight at the hotel we were located at, for that night as well. The next day, we were to fly from Fort Lauderdale to Jamaica to embark the ship, so our cruise line hired a bus to take us.

Gordon and I almost didn't get to go on this 2nd honeymoon cruise, as the cruise line lost our passports. Phew! Thank God, they were found and delivered to us a couple hours before we were due to leave the hotel!

Off we went on a 1 week Panama Canal cruise. We went to Key West, Cayman Islands, San Blas Islands, South America, Central America as well as the Panama Canal, of course. It was a wonderful cruise. Upon embarking, we already had a huge group of friends!

One of the most memorable things on the trip was visiting San Blas Islands. We went by dugout canoe, without life vests, from their main island, going throughout their group of islands to one of their other main islands. On the way there, while Gordon was filming, I prayed we wouldn't sink, because there was a man at the rear of the canoe bailing out water with a bucket!

The tribal Chief took a liking to Gordon and invited him into his private tent; he was the only passenger invited. Too bad I didn't know this, until after losing him and searching for a while! When I found him, the Chief welcomed me also, because I was Gordon's wife. We're not sure why he took a liking to Gordon, but it may have been because they are very short people and Gordon was 6'1'' tall. Later, we sent a postcard to the Chief, for him to add to his collection that he proudly displayed on his 'wall'.

Upon arriving back in Fort Lauderdale, we followed instructions, taking a cab to the pre-arranged hotel in Miami. Unfortunately, the fellow who gave us the instructions must have screwed up, for the hotel had no reservation for us. After refusing to leave, they finally gave us a room for the night.

First thing in the morning, they insisted we leave or they would call the police. We sat in their lobby, me with fever, Gordon upset, for several hours. Since it was the weekend, they couldn't reach the fellow whose card we had. We felt it wasn't our problem, it was theirs.

Several hours later, the hotel threatened to call the police and have us put out of their lobby. Gordon stayed calm; I quietly told them that if they did, I would call every newspaper, radio station, tv station in Miami and surrounding areas, and a lawyer to file a law suit, for the cruise line and hotel were owned by the same company and I felt that they had done just about everything they possibly could to destroy the one and only honeymoon I had ever had, not to mention that I was sick with fever, again, so they would be doing this to a sick woman!

Eventually, they transported us around the corner to one of their sister hotels; the one we stayed at before we left. We stayed there until it was time to fly home, to Detroit.

There is more to this story, but I won't go into it, here. For sure, it was a memorable experience! Seriously, I wouldn't trade this experience for the world.

I loved Gordon then, I love him now and I will love him, forever.

Until next time...