Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Passover! and Jesus...

It was quite a day, today. After working from home, two of my realtor friends C & M, picked me up. We took the bridge and went to Mexican Village, in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Talking about the bridge, I couldn't believe the cost in crossing the bridge; the fee has risen to C$4.75 each way. That's C$9.50 return! I believe I'm in the wrong business! While it feels like highway robbery (lol), it sure was worth it, today.

We dined at M's favourite Mexican restaurant, about a block away from my favourite restaurant. The food was good, but I still like my favourite restaurant better! :-) C's daughter wanted him to bring home some Mexican food that M's restaurant didn't serve, so C and I had to visit my favourite restaurant, anyway. Yeah! I was glad, because this way, I could order some food to take home and share with my neighbour/friend K, since she wasn't able to share in today's outing.

K had told me another friend of hers, R was to be lunching at my favourite restaurant with their mutual friend, S and I hoped to meet with them. While waiting for my take out order, I looked around the seating area and saw the woman I believed was R. Approaching the table, I asked if she was R. With an extremely nervous look of response, she replied she was. I reassured R that it was okay; that my neighbour/friend K had told me she and S would be dining at this restaurant and I was to say, 'hello'.

R asked me if I was the lady who had been supplying K with a daily dinner, while she was recovering from her knee replacement surgery; I replied I was. R jumped up and hugged me, thanking me for my loving gestures towards our friend, K. R, S and I enjoyed a few minutes of conversation, before I returned to C. Our orders arrived and we left to pick up M and return to Windsor.

It was an interesting day, to say the least! :-))

Yesterday, I mentioned that both Jewish people and Christians believe that there is no remission of sin, without the shedding of blood.

In the, 'Old Testament' portion of the Bible, the part that is the same as the Jewish Holy Book, the Hebrew Bible, God's word tells us that there were many laws and rules that God's Chosen People had to follow and obey. Because God's Chosen People are still waiting for their Messiah, not believing that He has already appeared, once, they are still bound by the law.

If you read about how they must live their lives, you'll be surprised how complicated it can be. Personally, I am glad that I live under 'Grace' and not the 'Law', for I am convinced that I could not keep the 'Law' straight in my mind, never mind live it.

God told us that we are all sinners, in Romans 3:23, "For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God;". Both Jew and Christian can agree that God cannot look upon sin. He hates sin. Since we are all sinners, He cannot look upon us. Unless we become cleansed.

The 'Old Testament' believers, God's Chosen People, knew this. Just as we 'New Testament' believers, the Christians, do. While we believe the same about this issue, the difference comes with how we address the cleansing of our sin.

Since 'Old Testament' believers follow the law, they must hold to certain rules of life, like feasts, rituals, prayers, etc., with one being: Passover. What is Passover and how did it come about?

Passover is a celebration of God's Chosen People, being released from bondage in Egypt. You can read (in Exodus) of how God directed Moses to lead His Chosen People out of Egypt, towards the promised land, for it was indeed the Exodus of God's people, from slavery in Egypt.

God directed Moses to request the Pharaoh to let His people go. Because the Egyptian Pharaoh would not agree to this, God brought several plagues to Egypt. No matter how severe the plague, the Pharaoh would not let the people go, even if he agreed to while in the middle of the plague.

Eventually, God told Moses to prepare His Chosen People, telling them to make a blood sacrifice, as was normal for them to do. However, this time, the people were directed to place some of the blood on the doorframes. You see, God planned to kill the firstborns. Pharaoh was told this, but would not let the people go. So, the Israelites did as they were directed to do.

Once the blood from the sacrifice was placed on the doorframes, God's Chosen People were protected from harm. None of their firstborns were killed, for their homes were PASSED OVER. Hence, Passover is the name of the celebration, even still, today.

God spared the firstborns of His people who did as directed with the blood on the doorframes. God did not spare the firstborns elsewhere in Egypt. Even the Pharaoh's firstborn, his son, died. Pharaoh finally let God's people go.

It certainly was a celebration! You can read this for yourself. The good news for the rest of us, who are not Jewish, is that God made a plan of salvation for us, too. God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to earth, to be the sacrifice to end all take away our sin and cleanse us with His blood. By doing this, all who believe on Jesus Christ, do not need to rely on living according to God's law, as recorded in the 'Old Testament', although it is a good guideline for living our lives.

However, by believing in Jesus, we have a guarantee of eternal life, in heaven. John 3:16 says, "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life". In Acts 16:11, we are told, "Believe on the Lord, Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house". Nothing could be clearer than this. When we trust/believe in Jesus, His sacrificial blood cleanses us from our sin. It's not just temporarily gone. Jesus' blood covers our sin permanently, so God cannot see it. We are cleansed, so God can look upon us.

Are you one of the 'whosoever's'? Are you believing in Jesus for your Salvation? I am. Hopefully, you are, too. If not, please read your Bible. Begin in the 'New Testament', preferably in John. Hopefully, God will open your eyes to His truth and I will see you in heaven, at the end of our lives.

There is more to be said about Jesus, but I will leave this for tomorrow, for it would make this entry far too long to discuss the details and meaning of Easter, here and now.

Until next time...