Friday, February 5, 2010

Unbelievable...but True!

Today was an amazing day! What began as a very normal, ordinary day became one that ended as an extraordinary day.

Throughout most of the day, I worked from home; nothing unusual, just the normal stuff, calls, computer work, etc. I know, I know; I previously told you I wouldn't discuss my work much here on the blog. Well, I'm not giving details; and since it's a part of my day, I thought I'd mention it, because it has to do with what else happened in my day.

While I was working, I had a pot of beef-barley soup cooking on the stove. This is only the third time I've made this soup, but over the course of the last year or so, I have developed a taste for homemade soup. Especially since Gordon died. I think it's because my neighbour/friend across the hall K, who makes the most delicious homemade soups, is regularly bringing me some!

Well, I'll have you know that the soup was absolutely delicious! My facebook friends know this; now, you do, too. After having some for supper, I packaged up the rest for K. We had a short visit at her place and enjoyed conversation. Next week, K is having a knee replacement done. She doesn't know it yet, but I plan to provide her with many meals during her recovery time. She's been a blessing to me; hopefully, I can be one for her.

It was so windy earlier, that I thought about not meeting with my friends for the Christian Singles Cafe, held at Tim Horton's on Tecumseh Rd. at Chandler. The truth is, I just didn't feel like going out in the cold. However, I am glad I did.

On my way out, I knocked on K's door. When she answered, I handed her a package of desserts that I didn't really want in my home, for I knew I would eat them. I had received them yesterday, after the funeral, when I was asked to bring the container home. I told her I thought she could use them; I was not in need of them, especially since I am trying to lose weight, not gain some! I know she has a sweet tooth, so I'm sure K will enjoy the sweet treats.

Tonight, at Timmie's, there were seventeen of us. We filled up quite a large part of the seating area! I believe a good time was had by all. Certainly, I had a good time. As people left, we tidied up and made our group/tables smaller. Eventually, there was just Y and her friend, M and of course, me. As I was in the process of leaving, Y suggested the three of us continue having a chin wag, so I joined the two ladies.

It was shocking to me to hear M speak of her Ukrainian heritage, because it seemed that her family and her ex-husband's family was from the same area that my grandfather's family was from. Then, M spoke about Montreal and how some of their family and family-friends settled in Montreal and some in Windsor. Hmm...this too sounded familiar.

Then, I mentioned that I am originally from Montreal. She asked me my maiden name. Well, without going into a long tale, I will tell you that M's ex-husband's uncle came to Canada with my grandfather; they were good friends. And, there may be a family connection.

We had so much to talk about. I was absolutely shocked; so was M. We realized that years earlier, we had spoken once by phone. Never did I ever think I'd meet her. What a small world it is. Truly.

M plans to dig up a few photographs of my family. She recalled making a trip to visit them, in the mid 1960's. Amazing! How God works, is utterly amazing. Thank you, Lord, for blessing me, tonight. I pray this 'new' friendship will flourish.

Arriving home, I found my neighbour/friend K, had hung a bag on my door. It held a still warm container of homemade rice pudding. Earlier, when I spoke with K at her door as I gave her the sweet treats, she told me she planned to make some rice pudding for the first time. Still, I was surprised to find some waiting for me. It was a pleasant surprise, to be sure! Thank you, K. Yes, I had some; it was yummy!

All in all, it was a highly unusual day, but one I am grateful for. Thank you, Lord.

Until next time...