Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Travel and Snow!

Back to the same routine, was my thoughts early this morning, after only having about three hours of sleep. Toss and turn; toss and turn, until I finally got up. When will this end?!

As you can tell, I was up early this morning. The weather forecast was calling for snow, but both my daughter P and I thought the snow was due to begin later in the day. By the time I was half way across town to pick her up, traffic was already snarling. It always amazes me how drivers just cannot seem to adapt to the change in weather conditions.

Even though the weather was not good, we left Windsor and headed to Leamington, where the Heinz factory is located. A couple of times per year, GM employees and their families are allowed to shop at their warehouse. Today was one of those days. Of course, it had to be on one of the worst weather days with snow of the whole season. Oh well, Murphy's Law is alive and well; it was written for me! lol

Since there was not too much traffic on Hwy. #3, it really didn't take us more than about 45 minutes to arrive at the Heinz warehouse. We did some shopping. Actually, P did some shopping, but not much for herself. The shelves and storage areas were almost bare. P was hoping to help a friend who has a baby and was grateful there was a good supply of the baby food that was needed. So, we left with not much for ourselves and much for her friend. The only product I purchased was ketchup, which I plan to divide among several people, keeping some for myself.

My co-worker/friend C, had asked me to stop at Oak Farms to pick up some flowers, so we made a stop there. In addition to buying those bouquets, I bought one for my friend M, who is still recovering from her second surgery. Being headed towards Kingsville, as we made our way back to Hwy. #3, we made a stop at a mushroom farm, where really fresh mushrooms are available.

Arriving back in Windsor, we did some grocery shopping, before dropping P off at home. I had some errands to do, so I did them, dropped the floral bouquets off to C and went to visit with my friend M. She appreciated the flowers and the company, while I appreciated our visit and the delicious cup of hot tea!

The drive home to drop off my groceries was a nightmare. From the traffic situation, you would have thought we had received several feet of snow, instead of only a few inches. Still, I managed to do this and make my way to K & C's for dinner, with ketchup and mushrooms in tow. K & C, plus grandsons S & N enjoyed a delicious meal together. Actually, I was really glad to hear that S has recently become a believer in Jesus Christ. Praise God! Thank You, Jesus!

Of course, we relaxed and watched, 'The Biggest Loser' together. K went to work; he's on the midnight shift this week. I headed over to shovel the walk, for the second time, today.

Today really wasn't a professional work day, today. That's okay. Tomorrow will be! Hopefully, the weather will co-operate and allow me grace to do what I need to do!

While I have been trying to not focus on this, I cannot seem to avoid thinking of this: tomorrow at 12:30 am (in less than an hour) it will be four months since Gordon died. Blessings to you and yours. May you have a wonderful sleep. Me, too!

Until next time...