Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Phew! Today, was one busy day. It was just go, go, go, all day long. Working can be such a trial, can't it?! lol

After a real estate meeting with a mortgage broker, I enjoyed a late lunch with my friend/co-worker C, at a Chinese restaurant. We discussed and reviewed our work meeting and other real estate stuff we needed to talk about.

Since I was already in South Windsor, not far from the cemetary, I headed over to visit Gordon's grave. Usually, I go on Sunday, but last Sunday I was rather tied up, so I never made it.

While driving, I usually have the radio on; I enjoy listening to preachers/Bible teachers. Alistair Begg from 'Truth for Life' was giving his sermon. I truly enjoy listening to him, for his preaching/teaching is excellent. In addition, I love his accent! :-) Seriously, his sermon was so good today, that I actually sat in my van and finished listening to it, before exiting to visit Gordon's grave. Here is a link to the 'Truth for Life' website, in case you would like to check it out. http://www.truthforlife.org/

Making my way to Gordon's grave, I made tracks into virgin snow, for no one had walked the area since the snowfall. Of course, had I gone on Sunday like I usually do, I wouldn't have needed boots, for there was no snow, then. I did what I usually do when I'm there; I cried, prayed and talked to God and Gordon. I find myself crying more and more.

In fact, I find I sometimes have tears running down my face, without me even being aware that I am crying. Isn't this disgusting? I am truly disgusted with myself, for I just cannot seem to feel better, no matter how much I try. Let's face it, I'm not good at this 'grief thing'; nor am I good at this 'life thing', either.

Later, I managed to say 'hi' to my daughter P, do some banking, shovel the stairs at the house (someone had been kind enough to shovel the walk for me!), mail some cards and a parcel to N. Ireland, plus have a short visit with my friend M, who is recovering well, but slowly from having two recent surgeries for breast cancer.

Then, it was time to head over to my son's for dinner. K & C were kind enough to have me contribute to dinner, so it was kind of a joint effort, tonight. We had a great time of fellowship and even had a visit from a friend of C's, W. As it happens, W works with my friend, B. It certainly is a small world. We, as a group, helped grandson N with some of his homework; he's in Grade 8. How time flies! Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Thank you, K & C for opening your hearts and home to me. I'm blessed, for sure! Hopefully, you feel that way, too.

Since it's getting late and morning comes early, I should prepare to head for bed. Hopefully, I'll get a good sleep. Goodnight, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite!

Until next time...