Friday, February 26, 2010

Birthday, Birthday, Birthday and Almost Birthday!

The snow today, just never seemed to let up. In fact, between the snow and heavy traffic, I was almost late for my meeting at the Caboto Club, first thing this morning.

The worst part is, if I'm late then I've paid for my education course, with no chance of refund; in addition, if I'm late, I cannot swipe in, attend the programme or obtain my education credits that I require for my licence renewal. Well, praise God! I made it just in time! Thank You, Jesus! Not that I had to worry anyway, for I just renewed earlier this month, so I have just less than two years to obtain my twenty-four credit hours worth of education, before my next renewal happens.

Afterwards, I had some work things to do. Still, I managed to run a couple errands and see my daughter P, for a short time.

Of course, I had to shovel the steps at the house. It's amazed me that lately, my walk has been cleared for me. By who, I don't know! Whoever it is that is doing this for me, thank you. Thank you, so very much. May God bless you, richly.

Eventually, I made it home in time to prepare a salad and get things ready for my company to arrive. My friend J, was picking up friends S & B and picking up the pizza I arranged for, so we could leisurely enjoy dinner together, without having too much work to do. Thank you J, for doing this. I appreciate it more than you know.

Believe it or not, we were celebrating the birthday of each of the three friends sharing dinner with me. J's birthday is tomorrow, S & B's birthdays are on Monday. In addition, our friend B (from St. Thomas area) may have showed up, but didn't make it; B's birthday is next Friday. Too bad that you couldn't make it B, for you missed out on some great fun and a little surprise gift I had planned for all, including you. Oh well, maybe next time!

The four of us enjoyed ourselves. It was a great time of food and fellowship. I find it amazing that we never have a moment where we have nothing to talk about! lol Of course, having birthday cake was nice, too! My neighbour/friend K, also enjoyed our meal and birthday cake, so it was appreciated by all.

Since we are all single people, we will meet again next Friday at Timmie's, for Christian Singles' Cafe. If you are available, feel free to meet us at Wyandotte W. & Crawford about 7:30 pm. Hope to see you, there!

How I wish Gordon was with me, tonight. I don't really like being a 'single'. I miss him, so very much. Sometimes, I just don't know how I can survive without him. He's been my whole life, for so long that I still just cannot imagine living without him. But, I have been. Only by the grace of God. Jesus helps me through each day. Even when I think I cannot go on. Thank You, Lord.

Until next time...