Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Puzzlement and Prayer!

Today's mail contained something interesting: a 'thank you' card from parents of my friend, J. Because I had recently done something nice for them, I kind of thought I might hear from them, especially since that is just their way. I hear from them every time I do something for them, so why should this time be any different? So, I wasn't shocked when I saw the return address on the envelope.

To my surprise, inside the thank you card/note were several gift certificates. While I am happy they appreciated my efforts and I appreciate what they did for me in return, it kind of made me sad to think that I couldn't do something nice for them, without them responding in kind. No, I'm not speaking out of turn, here. I spoke with them this evening. J's parents are such nice people. Christians, who do a lot for others, because they love Jesus. During our conversation, I thanked them both for their kindness to me and asked that they not respond like this in the future, the next time I do something for them. Again, I say, "Thank you, for your kindness!".

This brought to mind some other mail I received, on Monday. The envelope is addressed to me, at my home and has no return address, but when I checked out the Canada Post cancellation postmark, it showed a location between Stoney Creek and Grimsby. Strange! I cannot recall knowing anyone who lives in/near that area, who has any reason to mail anything to me.

The card in the envelope is adorned with beautiful flowers and a lovely inscription that reads, "Your kindness and support have given us great comfort during this time of sorrow" and is signed, "????? and family". Unfortunately, I cannot decipher the name where I have typed '?????' in this entry. Instead of a note inside, with a legible signature, it is blank, giving me no clue as to who sent this to me and why.

If you are the person or know of the person who sent this, please contact me and let me know, so I can stop wondering. lol Thank you.

As you know from yesterday's entry, I worked this afternoon. Well, a gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do!

Actually, I'm glad my knee has been feeling improved, for I didn't use my canes during my meeting with the homeowners. Although the potential purchaser (who is related to the owner and was there with us) knows me personally and knows I have a knee problem, I just think it doesn't look professional, so I was glad I could do without it/them, today (at least for a short time), because it was only one property to walk through.

Although I used my canes to go out of my building to my vehicle, I did so as a precaution, because I never know when I'll need them and besides, there are some stairs to the parking garage, so I should really protect myself and use them. After all, if my knee gives out on me on my building stairs, I won't be able to work!

Upon returning home, my friend/neighbour K across the hall, visited for a short time. It felt nice to have someone in my home, instead of feeling totally alone and empty, again. Thank you, K!

Last evening, just before I left A & M's home, A loaned me a book to read; it's one she thoroughly enjoyed and thought I might want to read. It's called: The Shack by Wm. Paul Young. From what I've heard from both A & my neighbour/friend K, it is a controversial book. So far, I'm about a quarter of the way through the book. Time will tell.

However, I agreed to read this book on the condition that A read the book of John, in the New Testament, because she admittedly has not read the Bible. In addition, part of the agreement is that she'll have to read one more book of the New Testament. I suggested she read John first, then I would let her know which other book to read. She doesn't know it yet, but I will suggest Romans (one of my favourite books in the Bible!).

As you know, I believe in the power of prayer. A few days ago, I mentioned that a friend of mine, M was going to have a mastectomy, due to having breast cancer. Today was the day. I just spoke with her husband, D; apparently, M will be home, tomorrow. If you are a believer, who believes in the power of prayer, please pray for M, that it is God's will to heal her completely, from the breast cancer. Thank you; may God bless you, richly.

If I want to read a bit before sawing some logs, I should probably sign off for tonight. Sleep well, friends!

Until next time...