Thursday, January 21, 2010


During my travels today, I realized there was a couple items on sale that I had forgotten to get, so I went shopping and was able to get both items! I know; it sounds like I enjoy shopping. I really don't; I think of shopping as a necessary evil. ;-))

One thing I was truly happy about, was the fact that I only used my cane for going out and coming into my home. I need to make sure I have it with me, in case I need it; today, I didn't need it! This does not mean my knee is healed; nor does it mean I don't have pain. As you are aware, unless God gives me a miracle healing or I have a knee-replacement done, I will not be fully healed; however, my pain is minimized and under control at the moment. Praise God! Thank you, Jesus!

Prior to going out, I contacted my co-worker/friend C and his daughter J, to encourage and pray for J, who is having C4 & C5 spinal surgery, tomorrow; if you believe in the power of prayer, please pray for her. J is separated and has two young sons to care for. She needs healing; Lord, please heal her.

In addition, I made sure I gathered all the info I required to complete the forms for my real estate licence renewal, entered all the info and brought it with me to my office, so my broker could sign the form. Before I go to bed, I will make sure I fax the form and my payment info to the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO).

To those not involved in the real estate industry, it may seem like an easy task, but fellow realtors know the truth. It's not as easy as just completing a form. You see, RECO requires realtors to participate in ongoing education. Our licence must be renewed every two years. In order to renew our licence, we must complete a minimum of 24-credit hours of education, including one mandatory course. This is done on our own time, at our own expense. We need to track our progress, so we can report who provided the course, when and how many credit hours were obtained, on the form I completed, today.

Actually, I reported that I completed 32-credit hours of education in this last two year period; in reality, I completed more than this, but I can only report 32-credit hours and carry forward a maximum of 8-credit hours into my next reporting period. Boy, am I glad it's done! Now, I just need to make sure that my renewal doesn't get lost in the shuffle, for unless my renewal is completed by Feb. 11th, I cannot trade in real estate after that date.

Believe it or not, upon my renewal, I will have completed twenty-two (22) years of selling real estate and will be entering my twenty-third (23rd) year. Is this something to be congratulated on, or is this madness? I'll let you be the judge, because I'm not sure, myself!

In my travels, I also visited with my friend M, who is awaiting further breast cancer surgery on Tuesday morning. While M is currently on leave from her position with the Red Cross, she previously sold real estate; this is how I met her. She's a lovely, Christian woman who feels more like a sister to me, than a friend. I'm blessed.

On my way home, I did another couple of errands and arrived home in time to unload my van and prepare to leave for my grief counselling programme. No proper supper for me, for there wasn't time, so I made myself a peanut butter sandwich that I ate on my way. Mmmmm...delicious!

I thought I might have brought a neighbour with me tonight, to the meeting, but it didn't work out. The woman in mind lost her husband the same day I lost Gordon; October 10/09. She is somewhat older than me, but confided that she does a lot of crying, daily. Possibly, she feels she will manage on her own, or maybe she doesn't feel ready. Whatever the case, I know that God will provide healing for her, in His time. The same for me.

To be honest, I don't know why, but I quietly cried throughout almost the whole meeting, tonight. It's not like me to do this, but I did. Lord, I need You to heal me, quickly, for I feel awful, still. I hope this programme is going to help me.

One thing I could use is more sleep. Yes, I'm back to the problem of not being able to sleep at night. No, I'm not napping throughout the day; in fact, only once or twice have I done that ever, since Gordon died. I try to get to bed at a reasonable hour (at least for me!), but I just cannot seem to relax enough to drift off into 'never-never-land'.

It's pretty bad when you decide to not look at the clock anymore, because it's 4:30 or 5:00 or 6:00 am and you haven't even had forty winks! Believe me, morning comes early. It's not like I'm not wearing myself out, for you can read how busy my daily schedule is. Still, I was reassured tonight that this is all part and parcel of normal grief. Okay, Lord. It seems I'm normal! Finally! For once! For, I've never really felt normal (lol)! So, help me sleep, tonight, please!

Hope you enjoy your forty winks.

Until next time...