Friday, January 1, 2010

Hurdles and Accomplishments!

When I left you, yesterday, I was leaving to visit my daughter, P and her family, for it was my grandson S's 8th birthday! We had quite a crowd for cake, actually; in all we had ten people!

S was happy with his birthday cake and presents. His brother was even happier with the cake, because I had made carrot cake with cream cheese icing, sprinkles and of course, the traditional decorating trim and writing; it's Z's favourite!

It was a great time of surprise for me, too. Two of my grandsons, who live out-of-town with my daughter B, were visiting with P and her family. Am I ever blessed! I got to visit, photograph, hug, kiss and tell my rarely seen grandsons that I love them! Thank you, Lord! Thank you, Jesus!

P had moved her Orange-Crested Cockatoo into the kitchen area, separating Tangy from the other three birds (Cockatiels) she has in the livingroom.

The photo above is one of Tangy; you'll notice that I am not the world's best photographer (lol)!

Tangy picks up all kinds of communication and uses it for her own best interests. If she is not happy P is on the phone, she'll either yell at the top of her lungs, call out for 'ma' continuously like a child would, or say whatever it is she decides to say. In fact, P has a short video of Tangy; you'd think for sure that it was one of P's three dogs (two Chows and one Jack Russell) barking! It's not; it's Tangy sounding like a barking dog!

Before heading to J's, I stopped at my apartment and called to wish my brother, G a very Happy New Year. I was happy to have reached G and wished I could have reached my other brother, B.

Arriving about 7 pm at J's, it was a lovely, but cold evening; I was the first to arrive, but K arrived within minutes. Gordon's friend B, from St. Thomas area, and possibly his friend G, were due to arrive about 7 pm, but when they didn't arrive by close to 8 pm, the three of us women decided to have dinner.

Janet had a feast laid out for us of shrimp, nachos/cheese, cheese & crackers and more. My homemade cabbage rolls were devoured, quickly (I only had 1)! Because we had all brought food, there were tons of baked goodies, too. I tried to contain myself; really, I did! Actually, I thought I did pretty well; I made sure I didn't take any home! lol

Just as we were finishing up, B arrived without his friend, G. We were happy to see him and were glad he was able to join us. He munched as we chatted at the dining table.

Eventually, we retreated to the livingroom, where we watched the ball drop in Times' Square, NYC. Since we were all exhausted, immediately afterwards we all exited J's and went home. Exciting people, huh (should I have said, 'eh' instead, since I am Canadian)?

Just as I arrived home, my phone rang. P called to wish me a Happy New Year! I'm blessed to have a daughter, like P. Thank You, Lord for her and her family. I pray it is Your will to bless her (and her family) with good health, happiness, prosperity and love, throughout 2010; if it is Your will, please heal P from the Lupus she suffers from. I ask this in Jesus' name; thank you, in advance, Lord.

Even though the stroke of midnight brought tears to my eyes, knowing that Gordon wasn't with me, I have to say that God helped me through it. I thank Him for giving me the best friends in the world. I'm blessed and pray God will bless each one with a happy, healthy, prosperous and love-filled 2010, also.

Since my knee seemed improved enough to just use one cane, this afternoon I decided to do my laundry. It might not seem like a trial to you, but being unable lately to walk unassisted, it's a big deal to me.

A bigger deal was that I felt strong enough emotionally to finally wash the last towel and facecloth that my beloved Gordon had used, before he collapsed, was hospitalized and died. To some of you, it may seem silly, but believe me, it was a major hurdle for me. Thank you, Lord, for helping me do this. I knew that being the first day of the new year, if I didn't do it today, then it would probably have taken me quite a bit longer to achieve this. It broke my heart, but I know it was the right thing to do.

So, all in all, it was a very trying day for me, both physically and emotionally. Later, I rested my knee and iced it. Now, I'm about to get ready to leave to meet friends at the Tim Horton's on Tecumseh Rd. E. at Chandler. My friend J, is the organizer of 'Christian Singles' Cafe', where all single people are welcome to meet. Various age groups meet at various Timmy's. Actually, I know most of the people who go, so it is really just a relaxing time of fellowship with friends.

If you're single and free for the evening, you're welcome to join us!

Until next time...