Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bell (India) Canada & Reality...

Since it's Tuesday, it's the day when some of us from the office get together for coffee at Tim Horton's; while it is not official, we consider it sort of an office meeting. Whoever shows up, shows up; we miss those that don't, but don't take it to heart! lol

Returning home, I decided to get my work done, so I would be ready for my real estate appointment, tomorrow. So, I did all my computer research and prepared myself.

Later a knock came at my door; it was the Bell Canada (aka Bell India) repair man. He found a problem with the internal wires (in the wall) leading into one of the jacks and repaired it. He said that he didn't think it was the total problem, though. He told me I need to replace a cord or two and left me with a situation where he had unplugged my internet cord, claiming that I can either use my internet or use my phone, but not both. On his way out, he was very kind to me; he said he would make sure I was not billed for the service call, because he repaired a Bell problem. I was truly thankful. Thank you, M!

I looked at the clock and realized that I really needed to get a move-on! If not, I would have been late for a very important date! lol Actually, I had been invited by friends A & M for dinner. Isn't God's timing great? I got there, just in time!

We enjoyed some fellowship/conversation with A, M and their daughter S, before dinner. M did the cooking, tonight; he's obviously a good cook! We feasted on a scrumptious meal; every bite was tasty!

More fellowship/conversation in the livingroom and savouring on dessert was next on the menu. There was never a second when we didn't have stuff to talk about. Thank you, A & M. I appreciate not just our delicious meal, but especially your friendship. I am blessed!

It was well after 9 pm when I arrived home and checked my phone line. It was working! Then, I plugged in my computer line. It was working, too! Even though Bell Canada repair man M had told me I couldn't use both together at the same time, they were both working. Hurrah! My phone is working...and so is my internet...at the same time! Praise God! Thank you, Jesus!

Now, if I could just get the rest of my life re-organized as simply, I would be truly grateful, Lord!

It's really wonderful that God has provided so many friends, both married and single, in my life. I'm grateful that so many people care for me and make efforts to keep me busy and occupied in my non-working time.

Still, when I return home to an empty apartment, it's heartbreaking. Sometimes, I feel like I'm still in shock. I come home, expecting to see Gordon sitting in his chair; sometimes, I walk into the bedroom, expecting to see Gordon resting, like he did most evenings. But, he's not there. Then reality sets in and an empty feeling comes over me, when reality hits and I realize that I will never again see Gordon, here on earth. Lord, I need You; I cannot make it without You. I thank You for helping me through every day, for I know I cannot make it, alone.

Before I cry all over this page, I had better wish you a 'goodnight'.

Until next time...