Thursday, December 10, 2009

Two Months...

Wow! I can't believe it! Today, I finished wrapping Christmas gifts! My daughter, P's birthday is on the 19th; I wrapped her Birthday gifts, too!

While it is a blessing having this big job done, I still must continue delivering cards/gifts. Tomorrow, I will be able to make some visits/deliveries, but since I will have family visit on Saturday, will be busy with family on Sunday, busy Monday at church and family from the province of Quebec, coming to visit on Tuesday, I won't have time to do more. At least until Wednesday, or Thursday, next week.

Hey! Rome wasn't built in a day! I'm just taking things, one step at a time. lol

In addition to my usual work stuff, I vacuumed, today. Am I ever thankful for my 'Shark Plus' canister vacuum! Not only is it lightweight, but it is powerful. Not that it needs to be, when I am vacuuming mainly ceramic tile flooring. Still, between the vacuum and the flooring, it doesn't cause me as much back pain, as in the past, when I needed a heavier vacuum and had to vacuum mainly carpeting. It nearly killed me then, so it was good that Gordon used to help me with the vacuuming. Now, Gordon's not here to help, so I am glad I can do it, even if I need to take my time and take rest breaks, to lay down and rest my painful body.

Later, I drove P's car back to mechanic S's, to have the repair made, but didn't return her car immediately. Instead, I continued making my visits/deliveries.

Enroute, I found myself in the area of the cemetary, where my husband, Gordon is buried. I went to his grave. Why I do this, I don't know. However, today was special. It was two months ago today, that my beloved Gordon died. I was glad to see that the wreath I placed a few days ago, hadn't blown away. Yesterday and even today's high winds blew some other people's wreaths around; I would have replaced the one near Gordon's grave, but I didn't know where it belonged, so I left it where it was. Hopefully, it will be found and replaced where it belongs, soon.

This evening, I returned P's car, picked up my van and together, P & I attended a BUHDAG meeting. Less than a dozen people were in attendance. We were updated with information regarding the Bridge Co. and City of Windsor. Mediation through OMB should begin about March 2010; hopefully, the situation will be resolved and the boarded up homes that present such a threat to families in the area, will be torn down. It will take some time and a lot of work behind the scenes, but I'm praying it will be resolved as soon as possible. The Mayor and Councillors need to remember that they are in a position of responsibility, where residents are concerned. If they think they can sit on the fence forever, they need to think again, because next year is an election year. Hmmm...

On my way home, I dropped off the dog cage I borrowed from my daughter at my friend, C's home. C will be hosting my cousin N's dog, while N is visiting with me, because dogs are not allowed in my apartment building. Thank you, P for loaning me the cage; thank you, C for offering to host N's dog, Mika.

Arriving home after 10 pm, I got ready for bed, got myself comfy and now am writing this entry. Tomorrow will be another busy day, so I will wish you, 'goodnight'.

Until next time...