Monday, December 7, 2009

On Goes the Battle!

Today, I was busy and on the go, all day.

First thing this morning, a couple of our building board members came into my apartment, to make sure my smoke detector is working; they were actually here a couple of months ago (before Gordon died), checking to make sure that our plumbing was working properly, with no leaks. I suppose it's a good thing that they check all units, because this apartment building is probably in the best condition of all buildings in Windsor.

Deliveries and real estate stuff' kept me going and will continue to do so, for a while, yet. While I was driving, I thought about how unhappy I've been feeling, yet I still have joy (in the Lord).

At lunchtime, I met friends, M & C at Pat & Hanks (fish 'n chips) in Tecumseh. If you read the blog from my birthday, you might remember that they celebrated my birthday with me, at Red Lobster. However, this time the surprise was for them. When they arrived, they found that Santa had made a delivery for each of them! Ho ho ho...

Later, I picked up the turkey I plan to cook, this Saturday. I'm looking forward to having our son (my stepson I call, "son".), K, his wife, C and youngest son, N as guests for dinner, for the first time since Gordon died.

After preparing (doing my research and organizing paperwork) for tomorrow's appointment, I relaxed and spent some time on facebook.

My childhood friend, F had posted an entry, saying, "To Those Grieving this Christmas: I found this poem in Joni Eareckson Tada's book 'Roses in December' p. 57". The poem is a rather sad one, but reflected similarly to what I had been thinking, while making my afternoon deliveries. It's amazing how God works.

My daughter, P and I were supposed to go to Windsor's City Hall, for about 5:30 pm, but due to my work preparations and being exhausted, I didn't go. P did. She may be on tonight's news, as the cameras were rolling while she was speaking out about living in an area where the bridge company owns MANY vacant, boarded up homes, that need to be torn down. The city won't allow this, because they feel that the bridge company is trying to make strides for building a second span for the existing bridge to USA, that our government doesn't want, due to DRIC plans to build a new bridge elsewhere. Meanwhile, until the impass is settled, the bridge company won't purchase any more properties, either. If they were to continue purchasing properties, at least more of the residents would have an opportunity to move to another neighbourhood.

Unfortunately, the residents in this area are suffering and living in rather unsafe conditions, in my opinion. Once, many years ago, I was chased by a person who had illegally occupied a vacant home. This man had a warrant from out west, for his arrest; yes, Windsor police caught him and arrested him. I was grateful that a good samaritan came to my rescue and I was not hurt. On a second occasion, while showing homes, my clients and I found a sleeping vagrant in a vacant home.

In my opinion, vacant properties boarded up not only provide a haven for vagrants, they could attract unscrupulous people, drug dealers, rapists, etc. as the boarding up, provides a warmer, 'less visible to the eye' location, where they could hide out. How would you like to have your children play outdoors or walk towards school, having to pass by 8 vacant, boarded up homes (in a row) that are falling apart? Who could be hiding there?

The city hasn't issued workorders to force the owners to improve the properties and encourage them to rent out the homes to recover improvement expenses, yet they won't give permission for demolition, either. It's the residents that are unsafe and suffering. Unfortunately, the group wasn't able to speak to council...AGAIN!! At least they are now attracting media attention.

While I don't like my family living in this 'war zone', I realize that the only true protection comes from God. I pray that He will continue to keep a hedge of protection around my family and indeed, all families living within the area affected by the skirmish.

When I finish writing this entry, I will be printing more gospel message labels to attach to mini candy canes. This will keep me busy for a while. At least until bedtime! It should come earlier, tonight, as last night I was up well past 4 am; couldn't sleep. This has been happening to me almost nightly, until I reach the point where I am so exhausted that I cannot stay awake. Hopefully, tonight's the night. I need sleep!

Thanks for reading. Keep well.

Until next time...