Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Long Distance(s)!

Well, I awoke before the alarm this morning, but since my cousin, N was sleeping in the livingroom, I stayed in bed later than normal, this morning. It was a welcome relief!

Before my friend, P arrived to join us for breakfast, N had his shower and packed up. At the same time, I was researching the weather on and was able to assure N that the forecast showed clear weather, for his whole trip to Lake Havasu City, AZ. It actually made me wish I was going with him!

Just as I was finishing writing/printing directions for N, P arrived, bearing gifts of cooked sausages and homemade bread; it was a pleasant surprise. Thank you, P! The sausages were a tasty treat that enhanced the pancakes I made. The bread made beautiful sandwiches for N to take with him for picnic in-car or out-of-car meals, along with muffins I made, Christmas cake and a thermous of coffee to enjoy along the way. It sure will be a long drive for him!

My friend P joined us, because she (like me) had not seen N in 29 years. Yes, she had met him previously, when we both lived as next-door neighbours in Brampton. After I moved to Windsor, she obtained a transfer with Bell Canada (commonly known today as Bell India) and relocated with her children to Windsor.

We enjoyed sharing our meal and time of fellowship, but the time seemed to go by so quickly. P had to leave before 1:00pm, because she had a prior engagement she had to attend. Then, N finished packing up; we loaded and repacked his car and drove to my friend/co-worker C's home in S. Windsor to pick up Mika, N's chocolate brown lab. Thank you to you, C and your daughter J and family, for taking good care of Mika for us!

By the time we arrived where N entered the bridge to USA, it was just before 2:00pm. Hopefully, he managed to get through customs quickly and onto the correct highway without any trouble.

After doing some stuff at home, I again went out; this time, to my Injured Workers' Coalition (IWC) meeting/Christmas party. While the others enjoyed food and fellowship, I only dropped in to say 'hello' and distribute Christmas cards and candy canes. One day, I'll tell you why I am a member of IWC, but not today. Sorry, you'll just have to wait.

This evening, I was busy cleaning, doing laundry and talking with friends and family who phoned long-distance. It was nice talking with N from Milton and with my cousin N's sister, E in Lake Havasu City, AZ who called. Thank you to both of you; I love hearing from friends and family!

Well, I'm pooped and it's getting close to bedtime, so I hope you won't mind if I say, "nighty-night".

Until next time...