Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fun, Fellowship & Feasting!

This Lord's day, we lit the peace candle and of course, peace was the focus our Pastor spoke of in today's message. It's hard to believe that Christmas will be here in only a few days!

Originally, I was supposed to work after church, but my work was cancelled. Friends from church invited me to lunch at their home; they had a couple errands to do first, so I did the same.

You see, before Gordon became ill and died, we travelled. Quite a bit, actually. Sometimes cruises, sometimes land trips both in Europe and North America. At first, I thought my travel days were over, because who wants to travel alone? We had talked about doing more road trips, both in North America and Europe. We had discussed the idea of obtaining a motorhome or preferably, a Roadtrek van.

Well, once I decided that I should continue thinking about travelling, I began looking. However, a friend suggested that since I am alone and since a Roadtrek would not be short enough to park in the parking garage and since I wouldn't be using it for travel on a regular basis and don't really know if I would like camping by myself, maybe I should just try camping in my minivan, first. If I found I enjoyed doing this alone, then I could consider a vehicle more suitable. It made sense to me, so I prayed about it.

God led me to planning what to do. So, while on my way to the cemetary, I stopped and bought bedrails for a single bed and a mattress to use with it; previously, I purchased a memory-foam mattress, so between the two, I should be very comfy.

Arriving at the cemetary, I found the grave marker was installed, marking Gordon's grave and my future grave. Since it had snowed, a light dusting covered most of the marker, but I brushed it away. I wished I had brought my camera. One day, I'll post it for you to see.

On to visit friends A & K and A's mom P, at their home in LaSalle. We had a delicious lunch and enjoyed a lovely afternoon of fellowship. As I was leaving, K helped me secure the bedrails together and helped me place the base for my future camping bed in my van. Thank you for everything! I am blessed!

Leaving their home, I had an errand to do, then dropped by my daughter P's home, just for a minute. She had been afraid I wouldn't use the purse I had received for Christmas from her family, so I wanted P to see that I was already using it!

It was then time to go to son, K's home, where I was expected for supper. Wow! Two invitations for meals in one day! Not only did I feast on another delicious meal, but it was a second feast for the day! Seriously, we had a wonderful visit and enjoyed a scrumptious meal.

Later, K's daughter, A and her family arrived, so we had sort of a mini family reunion going on! It was a festive and wonderful time. Thank you, so very much, for our time of fellowship, feasting and of course, for my Christmas gift, so thoughtfully chosen. Yes, I am truly blessed!

Arriving at home, I decided to relax and update my games, etc. on facebook and make this entry. Tomorrow's a work day, so I should go nighty-night, very soon. Hope you sleep well. Hopefully, I will, too!

Until next time...