Sunday, December 6, 2009

Doubly Blessed!

Today was Communion Sunday. I really enjoy taking Communion, not just because it gives me a chance to remember Jesus in a way He told us to, but also because it gives me an opportunity to confess to God any sin I have in my life, that I may have forgotten to confess to Him, on a daily basis. Our previous Pastor encouraged us to confess as immediately as possible, if needed, but at the very least, we should reflect on a daily basis, how we treated others and our actions, to confess and repent, if necessary. I thought this was a good idea and try to follow his suggestion; this doesn't mean I am perfect at it, but I try. I want to be a clean vessel, for God.

In the afternoon, I visited a past client/friend, A who recently turned 90 years of age. She still lives on her own and still seems to be as spry as I ever recall her being. About 20 years ago, I sold her home for her. Getting her home sold was a more daunting task than what I had imagined, when I first met A, but not because of the marketplace.

Although A said she wanted to sell, it just wasn't meant to be on that first meeting. When I arrived, she took me through her home and proudly showed me that she had even lemon-oiled the joists in the basement laundryroom. We discussed pricing, etc. and it seemed we were on the same page. The trouble was that in her head, she knew she wanted and needed to sell the home, because she felt she was getting too old to take care of it anymore, but when it came to actually doing the paperwork, her heart just wouldn't let her do it. So, we shared a cup of tea and chatted.

Several times, we met to do the paperwork and the same routine happened. I'd ask A if she was sure she was ready to move forward with the paperwork; she would tell me she was, but when it came to signing the forms, the result was always the same. No go. We enjoyed tea and chatted.

No one was more surprised than me, when after a couple of years, I arrived, expecting to share tea and conversation and found A was really ready to make the move!

A is a lovely lady, who spoke with me today about my husband's death and her own pending death. She has a son, but no daughter and often comments how she would like to have had a daughter to talk about 'girl' things with. I think she is a sweet soul. When it is her time to go home to be with the Lord, I will miss her.

Later in the afternoon, about 4 pm, I once again went to church; this time it wasn't my home church, but a church my daughter, P had attended for a while. Actually, it is just a small group who meet in a rented daycare centre, in an area that does not have the best reputation; in fact, the last two shootings in Windsor, were within a block or two of this building, where Pastor B feeds his small flock of about 20 people, including children. For the second time today, I took Communion!

A few years ago, Pastor B felt led to plant a church in this area of Windsor. It has been a struggle, but he has been a faithful, Bible-preaching, Bible-believing man of God, who believes that this is God's will for his life. No, I don't worship there regularly, but I do try to be supportive of the effort, because I know there is truly a need, there. So, occasionally, I find myself worshipping and showing support in this very poor neighbourhood.

After today's worship service, I gave out candy canes to the 8 adults and 3 children, who were in attendance. Usually, I give each person a handful of the mini candy canes, after obtaining a promise from them that they will give at least one away to someone else. Why? Because taped onto the packaging, I've placed a gospel message. It didn't take long for my stash to be depleted, so it looks like I'll have to make more, so I can help spread the gospel message and plant seeds, for Jesus Christ.

I know, it seems I've been talking a lot about my Lord, as of late. It's because it's getting closer to Christmas, I suppose. Then again, it's probably because I love Him and He's the only person I feel I can really count on, in my life. My prayer for you, is that you will, also, if you are not doing so, already.

It's getting to be bedtime, again. Last night, I thought I'd go to sleep early. It didn't happen; after 4 am, I was still lying awake, praying and hoping I'd get some sleep. Oh well, maybe tonight!

Until next time...