Thursday, December 31, 2009

Birthday...and Happy New Year (amost)!

Today is a special day. It's my grandson S's birthday; he is now 8 years old! Happy Birthday, S!

As I do on every family birthday, I baked, iced and decorated a birthday cake; this time for S. Now, I have a problem, though. Since I am having to use 2 canes when I go anywhere (especially needed for stairs!), I don't have any way of carrying the cake out to my car. Oh well, somehow it will work out!

Gordon's friend, B just called; he will be dropping by. B used to live in Windsor, but now resides near London/St. Thomas. Even though B & Gordon worked at the Windsor GM Transmission plant, they didn't know each other until they met while working in London at the plant where GM built train locomotives, during a layoff time in Windsor. B has always said that he'd do anything for Gordon, because Gordon came to B's aid when there was a problem in London. They were friends, ever since.

Maybe I'll ask B to carry the cake to my van! See how God provides!

This evening, I am supposed to spend the evening with my friend J. It may be just we two, or possibly another person, two or three. We'll find out, tonight.

In my mail the other day, was a card from an out-of-town friend, containing a poem of unknown origin. It contains beautiful sentiments that I would like to share with you:


What shall I pray for thee, dear friend,
As you enter another year?
A life all free from sorrow,
With never a pain or fear?

A path all strewn with roses
With never a prickly thorn
With all of joy to gladden
And naught to make thee mourn?

Nay, then thou wilt lose the blessing
That comes with sorrow's hour.
Thou then wouldst lose the comfort
Of Christ's own mighty power.

Oft in the deepest trial
The richest blessings come.
And pain but leads us upward
Toward our heavenly home.

So I will leave thy future
In His all-loving hand.
With Him will leave the mysteries
We cannot understand.

Content that He will lead thee
The way that's always right.
The roughest path but brings thee
To His own glory light.

I know that He will give thee
His own deep joy and rest.
I know that He will send thee
All that is wise and best.

So I will only pray for thee
Just His own perfect will.
His own great love and blessing
Thine inmost soul to fill.

Yet "more and more" of glory
Until the goal is won.
And in His Royal Presence
Eternity's begun.

May all the abundant blessings
of the Lord Jesus Christ,
God's precious and loving Son,
be upon you both now and always.

Isn't that beautiful? It was my friend's New Year's prayer/wish for me. Now, it is my New Year's prayer/wish for you.

As we close out 2009 and even though we should not be afraid to go out on New Year's Eve, it makes sense to me (especially after being hit by a drunk/drugged driver in the past) to be extra cautious. Enjoy your evening, whether it be at home or away. Please don't drive if you've been drinking. I pray everyone will return home, alive and well.

And, may God bless you, now and always.

Until next time...