Monday, November 30, 2009

Mmmm... I Love Surprises!

Working from home sounds great, but it can be very tiring, because most people think you are at home doing nothing, when you're really working!

Today was a busy day for me. Updating my contact list is time-consuming; I'm thankful I've almost got it done. Usually, I do this in October. By this time of year, I am usually in the process of sending out about four hundred (yes, I said about 400) Christmas cards and beginning to visit those I try to visit, each year.

This year I'm behind schedule, because of Gordon collapsing October 2nd, being in hospital and dying October 10th. By the time his funeral took place, I was totally worn out, not to mention feeling rather depressed, shocked and in general, I just couldn't think straight. Then, there was so much paperwork that needed to be done, right away; there are still tons of things I need to do, before all will be resolved, but these things will have to wait to be done, until after my Christmas rush is over.

Placing a Christmas wreath on Gordon's grave before the ground becomes hard, was a priority. I actually picked it up on Saturday, but I didn't take it to his grave, until today. It was another one of those tasks that your heart wants to do, but you just don't want to have to face doing.

It was a welcome relief to visit my Chiropractor! He is such a great blessing to me, I can hardly contain myself; I tell everyone about him. God has given me a measure of healing through my Chiropractor, that could only have come from Him. One day, I'll explain more, but not now.

Tonight, I spent time at my church, where my, "Creative Writing" group meets, every second Monday. A few weeks ago (after Gordon died), I joined the group, because I felt I needed a diversion; something to think about and keep me occupied. It's done that! It's also been a wonderful experience for me. I never considered myself a writer, because I was never the 'bookworm' type. My older brother, B was; in his earlier life, he was a professional photographer/writer/editor for newspapers. In addition, his two non-fiction books have been published! B's most recent fictional book, he rewrote into a screenplay, so it could be made into a movie. Anyone want to invest!?

Arriving home, I was surprised to find a bag hanging from my doorknob; there was a still warm food container, inside. I'm sure it was from my neighbour/friend from across the hallway, because she has made a habit of trying to ensure I am eating. The lasagna and garlic bread looked and smelled so good, I ate some of it. No, it won't last until tomorrow night, because I will have it for breakfast! Thank you, K.

Talking about breakfast, if I continue on any longer, it will be breakfast time. So, I'll say, "Goodnight"!

Until next time...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The First Sunday of Advent!

Being the first Sunday in Advent, we lit the first candle during our worship service. It was a wonderful time of praise and worship. I am blessed to worship at a Bible-believing, Bible-preaching, evangelical church and to have a great church family.

Afterwards, for a short time, I saw my daughter P, before heading over to pick up more wrapping paper. It seems I can never buy enough! Of course, in addition to family and friends, I always remember my current and past clients with a Christmas card and gift. Yes, it is a lot of work, but I appreciate these people, many of whom have become friends!

It seems I find myself at the cemetary on Sunday afternoons, even though I tell myself that I don't want to go there. Truly, I know that Gordon isn't there, for he was trusting in Jesus for his salvation, so I know he's in heaven, now. There's no more pain or suffering for him. I know that it is only his body that is in the grave, not my precious husband, who suffered greatly, here on earth. But, for some reason, I just cannot stop myself from going.

Later, at home, I put to good use some of the Christmas wrap, as I wrapped some of my gifts. Of course, I made sure I was able to relax and watch, 'The Amazing Race'. It's one of my favourite tv shows! It's now down to the final three teams; I wonder if next week will be the last episode, where we'll find out who wins the race and the prize of one million dollars, or if the 'final' episode will be spread out over two nights. Time will tell!

I know, it was SuperBowl Sunday, but truly, I have never really had any interest in watching football or most other sports on tv. Still, I feel badly for some friends who were hoping the Rough Riders would win, but didn't; the Alouettes won. Oh well, there's always next year!

Just a few minutes ago, I returned from exercising in our gym. It's difficult for me to do this, especially with having some physical problems and certainly, I hate doing this alone, even though I live in a very safe apartment building. It was my first time, since Gordon collapsed. I think even our security guard was surprised to see me, but since tomorrow I will see my chiropractor, I thought it would be a good time to do it, so that he can 'make me right, again' if I overdo it and find myself in pain.

Hopefully, the exercise has made me tired enough to sleep well, tonight. Since it's bedtime, I should say, 'goodnight'.

Until next time...

Saturday, November 28, 2009


You won't believe what happened to me, today!

Around 1:00 pm some friends and I were to meet for lunch and enjoy some 'girl time' at E's home. Enroute, I picked up B and met A (and her infant daughter, W) and P at church, to have them follow me to E's home, where we met W and her great-niece C.

Before Gordon died, E and her husband, W and her husband and Gordon and I used to get together to enjoy times of fellowship, meals and even swimming at our pool.

However, since Gordon's death, E and W had decided that it would be nice to have some 'girl time', so instead of meeting in couples, just we girls would meet.

So here we were in E's diningroom, enjoying a scrumptious lunch that E had lovingly prepared. W was taking photos of everyone and we were chatting, laughing and carrying on, like always. E had made tea and coffee. I thought she was returning to the diningroom with mugs, etc.

To my surprise, she carried in a Birthday Cake that said, "Love to Lynn" on it, along with 3 candles. It was all I could do to not cry; I was so shocked!

When I was reminded to make a wish, I thought about Gordon, but I couldn't wish for him to be back with me, because it was not possible and I couldn't think of any other wish, so I prayed that God would bless my friends. I know He'll grant my wish/prayer.

My friends presented me with a lovely gift, that I will forever treasure, along with the memory of this day. We played a couple of fun games (yes, we are still children at heart)! W made sure there was a prize for everyone. Then, W's grand-niece, C lavished us with a spa day treatment for our hands and nails. The wax treatment was so soothing on my hands and my nails look wonderful!

So, for the final time, I'm going to say that I cannot believe that my birth-day has turned into my birth-week!

Something else I can't believe, is how God is showing me that people love and care for me. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would receive this much love. I have been feeling rather 'down', as you might expect and have been talking with God, saying things like how I feel so alone and unloved. He made sure to show me that I was wrong, that there is love for me, here on earth. I'm grateful.

So, to my friends and family, who have made this a most memorable birthday (week!) for me, I thank you and pray that God will bless each one of you. I know He will...continue to do so.

Until next time...

Friday, November 27, 2009

Tioga George, 2 Taking a 5th & more!

The temptation to eat a warm banana muffin is really great, but I have decided to not splurge, tonight. Tomorrow...may be different, because when I take my baked goods down to our party room, where our ladies' auxiliary is having a bake sale, the temptation may overwhelm me. Lord! Help!

Today, is the birthday of a few friends: D.D. & B.B. I'm sure there's more; if I omitted to recognize you, please forgive me. Then there's George, who I emailed, today; he has not only been an inspiration to me, but a great help in my decision to begin blogging. Today, is his 72nd birthday. Happy Birthday, George!

George RV's in an older motorhome he calls, 'Ms. Tioga'. When I first began reading about George's travels, he travelled mainly in western USA, but for the last couple years, he's been travelling in Mexico. Until recently, that is. George made a trip to California and today, he was in San Diego area. If you would like to read about George and his RV travels, just click on my profile page link and you'll see his blog, 'The Adventures of Tioga & George', listed there.

Yes, I read some blogs. Some are about RVing, some about frugal living and others are about travel or life in general. Some are Christians; some are not. I haven't had time to list them all on my profile page, but another blog I was able create a link for, is one by Donna & Stu called, '2 Taking a 5th'. They too are RVers, who began as two single people, who met while RVing and eventually got married. Isn't that love for you! On my profile page, you'll find a link for their blog, also.

While I hadn't planned to go out today, because I had plenty of work to keep me busy, I found that after I finished what I needed to do, I had time, so out I went. After doing some shopping, I headed over to the other side of Windsor, to see my youngest daughter, P.

It's amazing how once you shop, you need to stop at the bank machine to obtain more cash (lol)! Enroute to P's I stopped at the bank. While there, I decided to take the time to open up a Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA). I'd been meaning to do it for a while, but finally did it, today.

In addition to all this, I found time to do my laundry, this evening! A great way to spend a Friday night, isn't it? Well, at least it's done! Now, I am relaxing, writing you to keep you informed. Hope you had a great day/evening!

Until next time...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Instant Replay!

My friend J has the patience of a saint. How do I know? She puts up with me!

Today, I'm not going to tell you about my work day. Instead, I'm going to tell you how I royally screwed up. Yes, it turned out okay, but it was certainly embarassing.

After working hard this morning, I prepared for my afternoon meeting, packed up and left home to meet my friend J, who was kind enough to turn my birth-day into my birth-week by treating me to lunch. We were to go to Red Lobster.

Does this sound familiar to you? Yes, I was there on Tuesday with friends M & C, who treated me to a birthday lunch. Did I tell you I enjoyed delicious shrimp on Tuesday?

Arriving ahead of J, I was ushered to my favourite booth and waited for her to join me. I waited...and waited...and waited. Thinking she may have been delayed at work, I called and was told that she had left for the day. Good! This meant she was on her way!

Other thoughts ran through my mind. We had spoken of other restaurants, but I thought for sure we had decided on Red Lobster. Then, I thought that she may have forgotten about me (oooo...)! Or, possibly she was confused with the day we had planned to meet. Whatever the case, she was not at the restaurant.

After calling her at home, I felt I was probably destined to enjoy lunch, alone.

The worst part was that a greeter didn't realize I was waiting for a female friend and thought I was waiting for a male friend and commented that she felt badly that I may be getting stood up. Normally, this would be funny, but not today. For here I was, sitting in the same booth that Gordon and I usually sat in, because he really loved eating at Red Lobster and we usually celebrated birthdays, there. After the greeter left, I looked across the table at the empty seat and began to cry, realizing that Gordon would never sit there with me, again.

The same greeter returned, feeling badly for me and commented that maybe she should sit with me, because no one likes getting stood up! I have to admit, it did make me laugh, but I declined her offer.

A couple of minutes later, J walked in. She let me know that she had been at my apartment building, buzzing my apartment, thinking I was there, because she was supposed to be picking me up to go together for lunch.

Boy, did I feel stupid! And embarassed! Hugging her, I apologized and together, we sorted it out and laughed!

We savoured every mouthful of their delicious stuffed sole, while we chatted endlessly. I have to admit that the service we received from L (our waitperson who worships at my church) was fabulous, again. J insisted on dessert for us. When it arrived, I was shocked to see a lit candle and a group around me singing, 'Happy Birthday' for the second time this week. It almost felt like the movie, 'Groundhog Day'. But, deliciously loving.

Thank you, J for being my friend, for my wonderful birthday gift, for a delicious lunch, fabulous fellowship and for loving me enough to forgive my forgetfulness.

I am blessed.

Oh yes, how fitting to say that, considering it is Thanksgiving in the USA, today. To all my American friends and family, I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Until next time...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

On the Go...

Phew! Another busy day! Then again, what day isn't busy, right?!

Previously, I had agreed to help out a friend whose car has been out of commission, so I planned my day around my good deed.

Like normal, I began the day playing on Facebook. What can I say? I find it relaxing! Then, real life began with paying bills and doing tasks that we all have to do in daily life.

Later, I drove across town to pick up my friend who had a medical appointment. On the way, I was able to listen to most of J. Vernon McGee's radio programme, 'Thru The Bible'. I love being on the Bible Bus, but cannot always listen at home by radio, but the radio signal is great in my van!

After dropping off my friend for her appointment, I stopped by my office. With current technology, we realtors are blessed with being able to work mostly at home, but there are still times when we must go to the office, or be out and about. Today was one of those days.

Being out and about, I approached some homeowners and left some flyers at homes in an area where a client I am working with wants a specific kind of home. Believe it or not, we realtors do really work hard. Probably harder than what most people think. God blessed me with an appointment for tomorrow afternoon! Hopefully, this home will be perfect for the buyer.

Afterwards, I stopped at a funeral home, to give my condolences to a friend/fellow realtor who lost his father. Actually, I was dreading being in a funeral home again, so soon after losing Gordon, but I found I was at peace at the funeral home, today.

On my way to pick up my friend from her medical appointment, I was blessed being able to listen to most of the radio programme, 'Love Worth Finding', with Adrian Rogers. Being thankful for all things, I was happy to have been held up, waiting for a slow train to pass by while on Howard Ave. It allowed me to hear more of the programme!

Through the internet, you can have access to both programmes. Here's where you can find them: for Love Worth Finding and for Thru The Bible.

After picking up my friend, we drove over to our church, for her to speak with our senior Pastor, before dropping her off and heading for home.

I'm exhausted! And, I still have much more work to do, to prepare for tomorrow's appointment with homeowners.

So, I must say, "Ta-ta...for now". Keep well. Hope to see you back here, again.

Until next time...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Busy Birthday!

Today was a busy day for me. In fact, it was much busier than I thought it would be!

The telephone began ringing just after 9:00 am. The first caller was my youngest daughter, P. She called to wish me a Happy Birthday and to remind me that she and her family were expecting me for supper and cake, etc. this evening.

After playing on Facebook, doing some computer work, phoning clients and returning calls, I managed to find time to meet friends M & C for lunch, at Red Lobster. Hmmm....delicious! The company was great, too! Our server was a friend of mine from church, who was very kind and generous to us; I'm sure C appreciated it, when it came to paying the bill! Thank you, so very much; I appreciate your kindness.

Returning home, I continued to make calls for work and set up an appointment to show a home this weekend.

More phone calls from friends with birthday wishes kept me busy until it was time to leave for P's.

Arriving at P's, I was pleasantly surprised to find that in addition to P's three sons (my grandsons!), my eldest daughter's youngest son A was there, too! It was so nice to see him, as I am not able to see him, often; he does not live in Windsor. Thank you, Lord!

Grandsons Z, S & A had all been hard at work making me Birthday Cards, that made sure they told me that they love me. For a Grandma, there's nothing that means more. Believe it or not, I still have packed away, cards and things my children made for me, when they were young. These cards will be added to my treasured collection!

Our family dinner was wonderful! Although the food was delicious, the time spent together meant more to me than anything. My precious P, I thank you for gifts of love, dinner, fellowship and the beautiful present that I have proudly displayed, already!

Thank you to all my friends and family, including my Facebook friends, who took the time to wish me a Happy Birthday! I cannot tell you how much I truly appreciated all your love and support on this, my very lonely, first birthday without my husband, Gordon. Most people reading this blog today, know that Gordon died last month; however, if you are someone who doesn't know me personally, or is someone who has found this blog at some point in the future and decided to read, 'Life with Lynnie' from the very beginning, wouldn't have known this, unless I wrote about it.

So, at the end of this very melancholy day, I say goodnight to all.

Until next time...

November 24/09 In the Beginning...

Today, I finally got around to setting up my blog. I've been meaning to do this for a while, but life has been hectic and I just hadn't gotten around to it. You know what those 'round-to-its' are like--they never seem to fit into your life!

Seriously, I decided to finally create, 'Life with Lynnie' today, because it is my birthday. This way, I won't forget when 'Life with Lynnie' was born. The answer to your question is: yes, I am 21...again, for the ??th time!

'Life with Lynnie' is meant to be a blog about my life; the good times, the not so good times, family, friends, life in general, living frugally and of course, travel.

While I cannot guarantee you will always enjoy reading what I have written, you will have a glimpse into my life, where I am and what I am doing. The only thing I can promise you, is that I will try to make regular entries as interesting as possible.

Since it is just after 12:30 EST, I will bid you farewell and sweet dreams.

Until next time...